6AM Guest Mix: Scala

Guest Mix Scala
Author : Kevin Ching
November 26, 2021

6AM Guest Mix: Scala

Italian artist Riccardo Scala has been deep in preparation for his arrival on the electronic music scene. Taking a studied approach to music, he has spent the last few years studying production, immersing himself in the dance floor and refining his craft. A rarity in today’s fast-paced climate, Riccardo opted to take the long road cultivating a high level of skill and ability with first-hand experience to truly understand the music he composes.

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Since he began producing, Riccardo has been meticulous, spending hours in the studio honing his craft and holding back on releasing any music until it was at a high enough standard. As a result, he has compiled an exceptional collection of unreleased tracks, ready to grace the dance floors of the world. Inspired to create music that tantalizes the listener, provoking emotion and movement through melody, rhythm and bass, Riccardo has a unique sound that strikes the perfect balance between the club environment and home listening. 

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In his own words Scala describes his guest mix for 6AM:

“In this podcast you can find part of my musical influences as well as what is connecting with me at the moment and inspiring me. The set starts with some peaceful techno records quite dubby and minimalistic, combined with some of my newest productions, going then in a deeper and more groovy direction. Spacey pads and emotional moments are part of the first half of the podcast, while the second half, is more energetic and dancefloor related with a subtle push of the tempo and a change of vibe.

This podcast is the bridge between a techno set and a melodic techno/house set, with some peaks of groove and dark energy, minimizing the gap between home listening electronic music and dancefloor friendly tools, trying to take the listener on a beautiful sonic journey with emotional ups and downs keeping a constant groove.”

Scala on what to expect from his 6AM Guest Mix
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