6AM Guest Mix: Rubidium

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
November 22, 2019

6AM Guest Mix: Rubidium

Rubidium is a DJ and producer based in Oakland, California. She is a resident, promoter and founder of the Konstruct monthly party in San Francisco.

Rubidium’s current take on techno is heavy and dense. Her sound can vary from driving to hypnotic, experimental to atmospheric, with an occasional dip into an ambient realm. She is fond of tension, creative sound design and exploring darker themes in her sets. Her tracks can be found on the From 0-1, Webuildmachines, Subspec and Anode labels, with more on the way.

This mix includes 16 artists and 8 labels from North America, and is an effort to showcase the strength of an often underrated scene.

Track Listing:

The Automatic Message – Hadean (Endless Process)
Araceae – Gleaming Embers (Faint)
Derivatives- Naked Options (Medical)
Mike Parker – Shakuhachi Two (Geophone)
Exium – Synchro (Nheoma)
Auspex – Suspicion (Oath)
Fixeer – VSW (Impact Mechanics)
Andrei Morant – Knack Bot (Blueline)
Lawrence Kurt – Passage (Oecus)
Dhyan Moller + Heiko Laux – Megadon (Heiko Laux Remix) (Kanzleramt)
Deepak Sharma – FSB (Business Class)
Uun – Cruelty Is Nothing New (Soma)
Slam – Viper (Soma)
Obstruct – Wrath Of (Anode)
FBK – No Body Fucking Cared (Art21)
Joton – Develose (Format Records)
Inigo Kennedy – Revenge (Token)
U-SRD – Subconscious (JX-216 3AM Mix) (From 0-1)
Hector Oaks- Breaking Point (Hector Oaks Emergency Punk Remix) (Analogue)
Insolate – Warehouse (PVS Remix) (Homevvork)
Jerm – No Escape (Analogue)
Stigmata – Analog Amplitude (Modular Source)
P.E.A.R.L. – Four Gates To One Place (Mord)
The Lady Machine + Amanda Mussi – Rising (Unterwegs)
Szmer – Forward Motion (From 01)
Tunnel – Gratitude (Donor Remix) (Webuildmachines)
Regis – Get On Your Knees (Downwards)
Bralle – Victim Fetishization

Connect with Rubidium: Facebook | RA | Instagram | SoundCloud