6AM Guest Mix: Raphael Mader

Raphel Mader 6AM Guest Mix
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
October 13, 2020

6AM Guest Mix: Raphael Mader

Born in Munich, Germany in the mid-80s, Raphael Mader starts our week with a Guest Mix for 6AM listeners.

Already as a teenager he started making music in his child’s room, developing skills at producing, sound engineering and mastering on his own projects.

With his productions Raphael wraps our consciousness into a pastel-colored fog that is an intense feeling of longing and fills our hearts with the bittersweet potion of melancholy. The music draws its compelling power from a melodic warmth that has almost the quality of a physical force. He uses the emotional undertow of human voices and takes us on a journey full of synthetic elegance and bass boost.

He is definitely one of the rising artists in the electronic music scene- big labels such as Renaissance, Steyoyoke, Lost On You, Dear Deer, Pursuit and 3000Grad signed his latest work recently. He also gained a lot of support by several leading national and international artists playing his tracks in their sets- his ambition and his musically perception of modern Techno will certainly keep him on the right track.

Enjoy the melodic house and techno mix from Raphael Mader below, and be sure to read on for full track listing.


1. Raphael Mader – Propaganda
2. Fur Coat, Running Pine – Hurricane
3. Raphael Mader – Efface (David Lindmer Remix)
4. Coeus – The Mirror Game
5. Raphael Mader – Blame
6. Naji Arun – Serenity
7. Oibaf&Wallen – Lost
8. Monophase – Deep Sweet Dreams
9. Raphael Mader – ID
10. Jaden Raxel, Severin Su – Words Of Zeus

Raphael Mader Propaganda is out now on Renaissance Records and is available HERE.

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