6AM Guest Mix: Pash

Author : Nadia Shamsedin
July 23, 2021

6AM Guest Mix: Pash

This week’s atmospheric techno guest mix is by Pash, up-and-coming techno DJ/Producer born and raised in Los Angeles.

Pash’s passion for music was always apparent from an early age, but it wasn’t until discovering electronic music that he realized just how passionate he was. The fact that the entire spectrum of emotion could be conveyed through music with little to no words fascinated him beyond measure. After transcending down the rabbit hole of techno & house music, he felt the relentless desire to pursue his vision of sound. Inspired by artists such as Victor Ruiz, Cristoph, Eric Prydz, BlackGummy, Township Rebellion, & more, he now spends most of his free time producing original music. He anticipates releasing music in the near future.

This mix represents a whirlwind of energy, feeling, and emotion burning within Pash. Fueled by dominating synths & hypnotizing melodies, he stretches this mix across different avenues of techno in order to guide listeners through an encapsulating sonic journey.

Listen to 6AM Guest Mix: Pash


  1. Noir, Victor Ruiz, Cari Golden – I am
  2. Bolster – Compound Movement
  3. Atroxx, The Reactivitz – Blind
  4. Kaspar – Follow Me
  5. Johannes Menzel – Regeneration
  6. Mark Dekoda – Seelenfinsternis
  7. Tomas Otero – Son of a God
  8. Andrea Signore – Illusion
  9. Dusty Kid – Kore (Cosmic Boys Remix)
  10. Sean & Dee, Nakadia – End of Wormhole (Aitor Ronda Remix)
  11. Harassment & Lie – Andrea Signore
  12. Radio Slave – Vision (Obscure Shape & SHDW Remix)
  13. Victor Ruiz, Thomas Schumacher – Wonder
  14. Third Person, Intara – Exoplanet (Alex Stein Remix)
  15. Kas:st – Road to Nowhere
Connect with Pash: SoundCloud | Instagram | Twitter