6AM Guest Mix: Ornella

6AM Guest Mix: Ornella
Author : Matt Draper
July 09, 2021

6AM Guest Mix: Ornella

23 year old Portuguese DJ and producer, Ornella delivers this weeks Guest Mix. Full of hypnotic waves and grooves that are sure to make you want to dance. Ornella’s atmosphere goes from acid, to industrial and hard techno. She loves to create those epic moments club goers love while out on the dancefloor.

With an aesthetic that is sure to give you the adrenaline rush you need. Ornella always brings a dark and heavy touch to her sets with thumping bpm. Strap in because you are in for a ride with this fierce mix. This is a very energetic mix with hard kicks, acid lines and dark vibes. Ornella powerfully blends tracks from some of the best producers and labels.

LISTEN: Guest Mix featuring Ornella

1. SINDEX – HELL INSIGHT – Rock The Place
2. Jastice – Hey You (Original Mix)
3. Exilles – Yellow Core
4. Sept – Beyond The Veil (Original Mix)
5. Røttar – Breathing Acid (Riesenfeld Remix)
6. VII Circle, NX1 – Arise
7. Jacidorex – Run
8. Alignment – Frequency
9. Frazi.er – Systematic Ignorance (Original Mix)
10. The Liberation Of Your Beliefs – Obscure Shape & SHDW remix
11. 999999999 – Alarm 303 (Original Mix)
12. Nico Moreno – Social Fracture
13. Viper Diva – En Y
14. Rephate – 66
15. Koszmar – Le Sommet Du Monde

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