6AM Guest Mix: Orly Gal

6AM Guest Mix: Orly Gal
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
March 29, 2021

6AM Guest Mix: Orly Gal

Currently residing in Downtown Los Angeles Orly Gal delivers today’s 6AM Guest Mix.

Orly Gal has established herself as a professional producer, DJ, nusician and the Founder and Host of Frequently Mentioned LA – FMLA, a Media channel dedicated to showcasing the party series and music labels that make up the LA Scene.

Orly Gal’s musical knowledge is deeply rooted in her past. Born from a family of classical musicians and raised with ambitions to achieve greatness. Her love for sound is deeply ingrained in her soul. Her grandfather was a professional violinist performing with the National Symphony Orchestra in Mexico and through natural osmosis, it seemed only fitting that her passion for playing instruments would inevitably follow. Her love for music would go beyond the practical implementations and traverse into the production world.

Over the span of a decade, Gal would play a part in several indie rock bands expanding her breadth of instrumental knowledge to the piano, drums, keyboard, and practically anything else she could get her hands on. Orly Gal spent many years traveling and touring as a musician but her first introduction to DJing came during her time in Chicago. A close friend introduced her to the art form and she began mixing some of her favorite rock tracks as a starting point.

The influences of Chicago’s storied House culture soon took hold and her track-lists would eventually evolve into the 4/4 rhythms. Trips to Miami and Los Angeles further expanded her horizons and GAL began developing her own sound and style landing heavily on the deep electronic vibes of the Techno and Tech House movements.

You can find Orly Gal releases on Ushuaia Music, DZB Records, Blok Records & Haustronaut Recordings.

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Track Listing:

Deborah De Luca – Acqua Gelida
Frank Snack – Crosswise Cigarette
Orly Gal, Kamil Van Derson – Back Kat
Fatima Hajji – Kua (Original Mix)
Umek – Predator (Original Mix)
Luis Miranda – Squall
Julian Jeweil, Popof – Dance Escape (Original Mix)
Hoffman – Sons of Darkness
Maxie Devine – Prank (Gaston Zani Remix)
Sian – City Bleeds (Raito Remix)
Kirk – Tomorrow Starts Without Me
T78, Akki – New World
Thanks, I Hate It – Who Is It

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