6AM Guest Mix: Mimetic

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
June 21, 2019

6AM Guest Mix: Mimetic

For this week’s Guest Mix we have invited Swiss producer/DJ Mimetic to showcase his skills.

Musically involved in techno and atmospheric sounds, Mimetic is the reflection of Jérome Soudan’s mind, complex and fascinating. This is a hyperactive musician, often described as an essential piece of the European underground music scene, working as artistic director of Electron Festival and Audio Club in Geneva.

Far from being stuck on one idea or genre, Mimetic writes for contemporary dance artists (Carol Brown, Jan Linkens, Lionel Hoche), creates the soundtracks of underground movies by director Lech Kowalsky (D.O.A, East in Paradise…), he is also collaborating with Sigmasix on audiovisual installations. After 21 years of touring, expressing and improving his art, Mimetic is still following his path, fed by multicultural influences.

Mimetic’s most recent release is the three-track Deepfakes EP, out on Les Arts Minis this past May.

Celebrating a career that now spans 21 years of musical activity, Mimetic is releasing a 21-track LP on Les Arts Minis this June 27th, titled RVSTD1: 1998 – 2019. 21: 3 x 7, the number of perfection according to the Bible. It symbolizes divine wisdom, mirror to eternal light which, thanks to its high level of purity, permeates and penetrates everything.

Connect with Mimetic: Online | Facebook | RA | Instagram | Twitter | Discogs | SoundCloud