6AM Guest Mix: Mea Inferno

Mea Inferno DJ
Author : Chelsi Sherrell
January 31, 2022

6AM Guest Mix: Mea Inferno

Known as the angels of the underground, this week’s Guest Mix kicks off with techno up-and-comers, Mea Inferno. The Chicago-born and LA-based duo fill the dancefloor with forceful driving techno. Drawing inspiration across a multitude of genres, Mea Inferno’s sets are filled with dynamic tracks boasting powerful drops that bring the crowd on a dark and spacey journey.

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The duo may be new, but they have already gained authentic traction from performing at Los Angeles clubs such as: The Club Catwalk, Blind Tiger, and Channel X Night Club. When it comes to live sets, the duo has showcased an aptitude of talent from performing a live-recorded, one-hour mix, titled Delirium’; a creative track filled with dark techno, electro, and psytrance elements. 

Listen: Mea Inferno’s Guest Mix

With an hour and forty minutes of worthwhile style, Mea Inferno gives this mix an unforgettable feeling.  This Guest Mix also closes out with a premiere of their upcoming debut track, “Genesis,” which seamlessly blends their love of intense bass and entrancing melodies to be a guaranteed heavy-hitter in warehouses and clubs alike.

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