6AM Guest Mix: Matt Altman

6AM Guest Mix - Matt Altman
Author : Nathan Christopher
April 30, 2021

6AM Guest Mix: Matt Altman

This week’s Guest Mix features Matt Altman. He recreated an underground club experience the only way he knows how: with heavy-hitting melodically twisted and percussive techno. The mix starts with a “deeper” tone that progressively gets more intense and harder as it goes on.

This is a 60-minute sonic journey into the trippy, heady, and intense percussive sound that Matt loves so much. The mix features some of his favorite tracks of the moment from artists around the world, including some of his own originals from ALT RECORDS and unreleased ones as well. He invites everyone to toss on their headphones, turn on their speakers, and teleport to their favorite club in the world with this mix.

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Brooklyn-based Matt Altman is a rising techno artist, producer, label owner, and DJ originating from Philadelphia. Fueled by his life experiences, drum-driven background, and his time at the prestigious Berklee College of Music, Matt seeks to create music that will draw listeners around the world. Moreover, he delivers an uninhibited aura as his sound is driven by raw emotions and his passion for the art. The talented artist is quickly making waves in the scene with his unparalleled sound and powerful style. As a DJ, he delivers pure energy with a combination of talent, passion, and emotions that will radiate onto audiences. With every release and performance, Matt will have the listener shaken into the world he creates with his eclectic style and sound.


01. Matt Altman – On That Day

02. Furtive – Dendrobatid

03. PWCCA – Adze

04. Wrong Assessment – Area 104

05. CRAVO – Before Siesta

06. Dykkon – Spoke

07. Quelza – Volvari

08. A Thousand Details – La Muerte

09. Matt Altman – Keep Moving Forward

10. T Kode – Contatto (Nørbak Remix)

11. STNDRD – Apogee

12. Nørbak – Myelination (Lewis Fautzi Remix)

13. Temudo – Duality

14. Par Grindvik – Front Row (Adriana Lopez Remix)

15. Matt Altman – Unreleased

16. Karpinski – Unreleased

17. Casual Violence – Briefly Sexual


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