6AM Guest Mix: Marcela

Author : Mark Grossane
December 16, 2022

6AM Guest Mix: Marcela

When Marcela studied anthropology, she had no idea that her interest in human behavior would one day serve her well as a techno DJ and, more recently, as a producer. Check out her addition to our Guest Mix series.

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Listen to 6AM Guest Mix: Marcela

Her love for techno manifests in an intense connection with people on the dance floor, where she combines melodic tracks with deeper and more energetic baselines.

She’s taking her music commitment to new levels with music production as an organic step towards creating her own sound as well as organizing the Salon event in London.

She is based in London now where she is heavily influenced by its gritty and fast kind of techno.

This mix is a promo set for the second edition of Salon, which will tackle the concept of dystopian love, and nothing is better than Copenhagen fast techno to reflect on such a topic.

Connect with Marcela: Bandcamp | Instagram