6AM Guest Mix: Luis Miranda

Author : Mark Grossane
January 06, 2023

6AM Guest Mix: Luis Miranda

With a vibrant techno style, Luis Miranda‘s electrifying sets and productions on top labels like Tronic, KD Raw, JAM, Codex, Analytic Trail, Octopus, Odd, and Unrilis, are supported by techno titans Carl Cox, Sam Paganini, Richie Hawtin, Kaiserdisco, and Amelie Lens among others.

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Listen to 6AM Guest Mix: Luis Miranda

Luis’ sets are adored by fans around the world. They have seen skyrocketing growth in the few years, reaching #1 in Beatport for his EP “Sensation” [KD Raw] in Feb 2021, and have been regularly featured on some of the official Spotify’s most-followed techno playlists as well being a regular of the top Beatport charts.

After an incredible 2022 with 17 releases, Luis looks forward to sharing lots of new music and bringing his powerful DJ sets to techno lovers worldwide in 2023.

Recorded at a private afterparty last December, get ready for a 60-minute techno-filled journey through raw, hypnotic, and groovy vibes mixed by Luis Miranda and his vibrant style.

This set features a mix of unreleased Luis’ originals and tracks from some of the industry’s top artists, including Truncate, Planetary Assault Systems, Kr!z, Lewis Fautzi, Dextro, Procombo, and Temudo, among others.

With a combination of high-energy tracks and remixes, this set will keep you moving and dancing from start to finish. Don’t miss out on this exciting and immersive musical experience.

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