6AM Guest Mix: LIVEPAN!

Author : Skylar Schossberger
January 28, 2022

6AM Guest Mix: LIVEPAN!

LIVEPAN! is the long-term music project of Yuheng Gong, a second-year student studying Interaction Design at the renowned Glasgow School of Art in Glasgow, Scotland, UK. LIVEPAN! explores the artistic connotation conveyed by techno as a medium. The music project also manifests Yuheng’s inspirations and observations of the world.

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Yuheng has experimented with different production styles since his very first release in September 2020. In October 2021, Yuheng appeared in the ADE compilation from Eclipse Recordings. He will release a new EP with Eclipse again in February 2022, and with Reload Label Family’s new label, Replicate Records, for an EP in March 2022.

6AM Guest Mix: LIVEPAN!



  1. LIVEPAN! – ID (Replicate)

  2. Julien Earle – Beyond Yourself (Respekt)

  3. Demon Noise – AI (Codex)

  4. LIVEPAN! – ID (Replicate)

  5. Sam WOLFE – Prison Break (1605)

  6. Rebel Boy and Sam WOLFE – Psalm 39 (1605)

  7. Spartaque – My Religion (Feat. ODYSSAY) (Codex)

  8. The YellowHeads and Julien Earle – Sorrys (Replicate)

  9. UMEK feat. Mha Iri – Watchers of the Sky (1605)

  10. Timmo – Mind’s Eye (Hypnostate)

  11. LIVEPAN! – ID (Replicate)

  12. Khatune – Panick Attack (Reload Black)

  13. Jay Norris – Kleos (Reload Black)

  14. Benjamin Di Bora – Species (Reload Black)

  15. D.Mongelos – Human Solution (AnalyticTrail)

Connect with LIVEPAN!: SoundCloud | Instagram | Beatport | Spotify