6AM Guest Mix: JNY

Author : Kevin Ching
January 14, 2022

6AM Guest Mix: JNY

Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio –JNY ‘s unique and experimental sound is the result of a lifelong journey with a variety of musical influences, resulting in a style that is mysterious and unafraid of crossing boundaries. His sound can only be described as an un -assumed balance between the intense, dark, and mysterious sides of techno.

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Listen: Guest Mix: JNY

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1 Casual Treatment – Landing to the Final Room (Original Mix)

2 Konjunction – Welcome to My Head

3 Liza Aikin –  Hospital Bed (Swarm Intelligence Remix)

4 Pitch! – Drift (Gabriel WNZ R emix)

5 Cristian Glitch –  Return to Darkness (Luix Spectrum Remix)

6 Jasmine Azarian- Retribute

7 Mickey Nox – Pale Nimbus (Manni Dee Remix)

8 Jerm – Control Theory (Manni Dee Remix)

9 Manni Dee – You Puked In the Alley Where We Kissed

10 MARSI –  Methylorange

11 MARSI – Human Failure

12 Luca Agnelli – Thermionic (Nico Moreno Remix)

13 Nico Moreno – I Repeat

14 Rhys Fulber – Misery Whip (Tommy 47 Remix)

15 Jasmine Azarian –  Penance

16 Rakkatack – Full of Lies

17 Cursal – Nergal (Original Mix)

18 Rebekah – Ghost Stories (Chris Bent Remix)

19 Huren – Timiskaming Square

Connect with JNY: SoundCloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram