6AM Guest Mix: Jeronimo Watson

Dirty Epic
Author : Chelsi Sherrell
September 26, 2022

6AM Guest Mix: Jeronimo Watson

Jeronimo Watson isn’t trying to be the next superstar DJ, he just wants to play good music at high volumes. With over 15 years of experience as both a DJ and music producer, his dedication to each craft is apparent. While he is best known for DJing intimate gatherings in the mountains of Altadena, California, as well as throughout the west coast of the United States, his love for House and Techno has taken him all over the world and continues to do so.

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In early 2021, Jeronimo joined L.A.’s Dirty Epic, first as a music reviewer for their blog, and later as event staff for their legendary warehouse parties as a way of staying active in the scene. 2022 saw the self-release of Jeronimo Watson’s third full-length album, Wondering, a light and eclectic take on Minimal House. Largely inspired by the highly revered sounds of Romania’s underground, Wondering, is just one side of his multi-faceted musical output.

6AM Guest Mix: Jeronimo Watson

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With several more projects in the works that he hopes to get out before the year’s end, Jeronimo aims to showcase his diverse musical taste, with meticulously crafted tracks that range from IDM, old school Electro, and of course, House and Techno.

And then there’s Berlin. Being one of his most frequently visited and beloved cities, Berlin continues to be a huge source of inspiration, not only for the music he creates and plays in his DJ sets but also for the world-renowned club scene he hopes to help emulate back home in Los Angeles.

If Jeronimo has one mission, it is to share music with like-minded enthusiasts and help foster an eclectic, vibrant electronic music scene in his home of L.A,. and beyond.

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