6AM Guest Mix: ItaloBros

Author : Chelsi Sherrell
August 26, 2022

6AM Guest Mix: ItaloBros

Born and raised in the southern villa of Scalea, Italy, the ItaloBros are an eclectic, creative, and curious duo with a passion for evolving music. This DJ/Producer duo are in constant search of new ways to feed their musical stimuli. As they find new ways of pushing their boundaries with strength and charge, their end result is a craft that is mixed with passion and rhythm.

You won’t find this duo sticking to a single genre, as they are always drawn to experimental sounds and contemporary elements; however, their Old-school roots, as well as their Deep influences, can be found in their music.

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Throughout this mix, you can expect the upbeat, tech-house sounds of their latest release Muse – a three-track EP that was released August 19th on Patrick Topping’s imprint Trick. The EP is infused with bouncing kicks, alongside rapid-fire vocals and groovy rhythm.

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6AM Guest Mix: ItaloBros

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