6AM Guest Mix: Electrorites

Electrorites Mix
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
August 17, 2020

6AM Guest Mix: Electrorites

Electrorites delivers a powerful Guest Mix to get our week started in proper fashion.

Electrorites is an Italian DJ, producer and label owner of Structures, Nightmare Factory and Shout Records. He has also released on AFU Limited, Amazone Records, Vector Functions Records, Drowne Records, Decade Of Techno, Morforecs, MFM Records, Blind Spot Music, The Zone Rexords, Onh.Cet Records, Naked Lunch and many more.

Luca Vollaro, aka Electrorites was born in Pordenone, Italy, back in 1977. The rhythm of his father’s records was the background music of his childhood; then things got serious when he found himself in front of his first decks and an irresistible musical passion took over. 

In 2010, he launched his first label Shout Records and in June 2011 his second label Nightmare Factory Records was born. They are two different labels with different styles of music, but both representing a lot of great artists.

Track Listing:
Myka & Ama – Get Off The Rails
Ayarcana – Vertigo (LÉVΣN Remix)
Ayarcana – Vertigo (Original Mix)
Begez, Dj Balu – Methyl (Original mix)
Ben Techy – Psychotic Motion (Original Mix)
XVIII, Devastia -Intoxicated Love (Original Mix)
EAS – The Beast (Original Mix)
EAS – Upon Thee (Original Mix)
XCV – D2STR5CC34N I (Original Mix)
XCV – D2STR5CC34N IV (Original Mix)
Tymon -Woodsman
Slave To Society, Perc – Path Of Self Destruction [Perc Remix]
HRD.303 – Fuck My Strings (Original Mix)
HATELOVE – Slaves Beyond Death
VINYA – Morn
Åre:gone – Sex & Cocaine
Endlec – Tiger & Witch (Original Mix)
Eyris – Vomit (Original Mix)
Artwaq – Crush That Head
Normative -Tommy Mork – Paradise Lost (STNPRT04)
Intervention – B1.Intervention – DFS40 ( VII Circle Remix )
New Frames – Eine Andere Welt (Perc Remix)
Kander – Opt-in
Torgue – Master’s Teaching [TR028]

Connect with Electrorites: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | SoundCloud