6AM Guest Mix: Droughtwerk

Droughtwerk 6AM Guest mix
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
July 20, 2020

6AM Guest Mix: Droughtwerk

Droughtwerk is Berlin-based combination of artist and label, showcasing here their signature techno style with a specially-curated Guest Mix.

From dub techno to deep melodic sounds mixed with percussive grooves, Droughtwerk approaches music production with the goal of remaining timeless, soaking in the influences of a city that simply lives and breaths techno.

Droughtwerk was basically two longtime friends that met in the scene ages ago. Always interested in each other’s sound, checking out what the other one is up to at the moment. A couple of years ago they began to work together on some little projects, “it felt good right away“, that’s what they say today about that chapter. Somehow, sometime later, Droughtwerk was born. Lots of meetings in the studio followed, making music, having a lot of fun while just talking ideas about the future. Always evolving and developing new soundscapes to get deeper and deeper into the genre. After the first two EPs, one half of Droughtwerk decided to spend more time with his kids and works, since that decision, in the background of the project.

Since 2020 the “DROUGHTWERK“ label is making itself known, focused on fully analog produced 4 track EPs pressed on vinyl.

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