6AM Guest Mix: Dilate

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Author : Chelsi Sherrell
June 13, 2022

6AM Guest Mix: Dilate

This week’s Guest Mix features music producer and creative director Dilate (aka Taylor Eubanks). Dilate is an artist who specializes in creating unique visual environments for films, commercials, and live concert environments. In this Guest Mix, there are 8 original tracks and 7 unreleased songs — a few of which are planning to come out next month.

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As for music, Dilate portrays a deep sense of knowledge and maturity in his sound, devising atmospheric soundscapes with a raw but modern touch, captivating the listener from beginning to end. His sets demonstrate this to full effect, consistently maintaining a powerful sonic trademark whilst possessing the innate ability to create hip-shaking poly-rhythms and multi-deck layers.

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Before discovering the world of electronic music, Dilate came from a background of studio musicians which was guided by his father who was a professional mixing engineer. This influence plays a huge part in shaping the foundation of techno that he crafts.

6AM Guest Mix: Dilate

His approach to writing music and DJing fuses together as one concept; tapping into primal human instinct via rhythm and groove.

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