6AM Guest Mix: Cloned Brothers

Cloned Brothers
Author : Nadia Shamsedin
March 23, 2021

6AM Guest Mix: Cloned Brothers

Based in Wroclaw, Poland, Cloned Brothers is the brainchild of producers Matbe & Minna Murra. While their individual approaches to music are quite different from their solo work, they joined forces to bring their techno rave sounds to the masses. This fusion of two musicians with very different musical influences creates an eclectic explosion of sounds. With this guest mix, Cloned Brothers pay homage to some classic electronic acts such as Aphex Twin, as well as emerging artists.

Their recent release “Acid Drop” has garnered widespread support in the global techno community. The track peaked at number 19 in the Beatport top 100 in the Peak Time/Driving Techno category, as well as garnered support from the legendary Thomas Schumacher where he added it to his “NOW” Spotify playlist. Between the two of them, they have releases on Breslau Techno, Dual Force, Autektone, Black Kat Records, DSR Digital, Ex-tract Records, Techno Vinyl Records and Refined Format.

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Hi, how’s everything on your side of the world? Have you been able to find any silver linings during this time? 

Hi! The current situation affects us all, but we personally try not to think too much about the pandemic. We focus on the music and people around us. We do not limit ourselves, despite all the “junk”. We spend a lot of time in the studio. We produce music, work on our sound and practice live performances. We are really hard-working guys and good friends, who are supportive of each other.


We split music-related work into few areas: music production, live performances, writing lyrics and vocals. We try not to come to the studio with “empty heads.”

Always ready, Cloned Brothers create a gameplan to help with studio workflow


For people who aren’t familiar with your music, how would you describe your sound?

In a few words, it’s a mixture of rave, electro and acid. These are the foundations that we want to build our sound on. While creating music, we focus on solid kick, catchy groove, old school vibe and interesting compositions with positive energy. Original vocals and acid lines are essential aspects as well. We draw inspiration from techno but we want to go beyond that.

Do you dedicate yourself full time to music or do you hold down another job? If you’re a full-time artist, how do you create discipline when there are no constraints, and if the latter, what does your creative workflow look like? 

We have regular jobs, so we work on music in our free time. We try to spend around 20 hours in the studio each week. We split music-related work into few areas: music production, live performances, writing lyrics and vocals. We try not to come to the studio with “empty heads.” We start something when we know what we want to achieve. Then, we continue with finalizing things. What’s more, we also spend some time on creating our image, on promotion, etc. We are quite busy, so we value our time. We are grateful that our ladies tolerate all that and are so supportive of us. Without them, Cloned Brothers would not exist. Thank you Kokos and Szklarka!

You are both based in Wroclaw, Poland. What is something unique about the techno scene in Poland? What were some of your favorite venues to go to before the pandemic hit?

Techno scene in Poland is really strong. We have an impression that the culture connected with it is constantly growing. Every city seems to have its own style. In Wroclaw, the scene is diverse and stands on a high level. We have many DJ collectives, which organize great events. Breslau Techno and Tech-room 29 are the ones, which we have the closest relation. Our favorite venues are: Ciało, Transformator, Wyspa Tamka and Wake Trip Cablepark. We love the ravers from Wroclaw because they are truly connected with electronic music and the techno culture.

You made a special mix for 6AM. What’s in store when people press play?

This mix is the foundation of our style. It’s a diverse, consistent, and energetic music journey. It begins surprisingly, with the legendary “Windowlicker” by Aphex Twin. Then, we suddenly speed up towards electro, industrial and acid sounds. We build and relieve tension, not forgetting about the audience. You can hear some old-school vibe like The Prodigy as well. There are two tracks by Cloned Brothers in the mix. The first one is an unreleased remix of a significant techno queen. It’s all we can say for now. The second track is our fresh “Acid Drop”. That’s how the set ends.

Thomas Schumacher is a true authority on the techno scene. He has great musical taste. When we saw our track on his playlist, it confirmed our belief that what we do makes sense.

Cloned Brothers comment on industry support of their new track “Acid Drop”

Congrats on your recent release “Acid Drop” entering the Beatport Top 100 in Peak Time/Driving category and peaking at number 19. Is this your first charting record and what about this track is special for you?

Oh, thank you very much! It made us very happy, as we did not expect it. “Acid Drop” is really special for us. It’s the beginning of the Cloned Brothers era. We worked really hard on it. We learned a lot about each other and our workflows. It was not easy, as we had different visions and had to meet halfway. Haha! Luckily, the final result was appreciated by the audience.

We’d like to thank Drador for his crucial feedback during our work and Peter Fern (R2R Mastering Studio) for the awesome sound. “Acid Drop” was released by our hometown label Breslau Techno, as the first track on their new compilation: Breslau Techno Various Artists 2.

You also recently received an endorsement from Drumcode’s very own Thomas Schumacher when he added your release “Acid Drop” to his “NOW” Spotify playlist indicating what he’s currently spinning in his sets. What has that support meant to you?

We were very excited when we found out about it. Thomas Schumacher is a true authority on the techno scene. He has great musical taste. When we saw our track on his playlist, it confirmed our belief that what we do makes sense. It’s possible that our paths will cross in the future.

You are both prolific producers on your own. What made you two want to team up for the Cloned Brothers project?

Matbe and Minna Murra are completely different projects. People say that opposites attract and that’s true. Haha! Our first collaboration, before Cloned Brothers, was to create music for last year’s LAS Festival after movie. We enjoyed working together. The result of the cooperation was also satisfactory. The idea in our minds must have started to evolve then…What’s more, people began to notice that we are similar in appearance. There were situations when someone at a party confused us with each other! We started calling each other clones and joking, that we are brothers. Now you know where the name Cloned Brothers came from. However, when it comes to personalities, musical taste, and the way how we perceive the world – we differ a lot. All that creates a very interesting mixture, that we turn into music.

Who are your biggest musical influences, be it electronic musicians or not, and why?

We must split this one as there are different musical influences most meaningful for us!

Matbe: T78, ROBPM, Hell Driver, DJ Rush. I value them for their great tracks and interesting arrangements.

Minna Murra: I grew up on Pink Floyd and still admire their sound and extensive, story-telling compositions. I’m also fascinated by David Bowie: his music, innovative ideas and multiple alter egos. In electronic music, Aphex Twin, Plastikman and Kraftwerk are the biggest influences for me. They are all unique.

Anything else you’d like to share?

We will continue both this project and our solo projects. We’ve already started working on the first Cloned Brothers’ EP. We encourage you to follow us if you want to be up-to-date. We do our best to understand each other better as a DJ duo. We plan to play hybrid sets in the future as well. We just want to make good music and have fun. We look forward to playing live for you on stage when music events are back again!

Thank you for having us, 6AM!

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