6AM Guest Mix: Carlo Whale

6AM Guest Mix: Carlo Whale
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
January 29, 2021

6AM Guest Mix: Carlo Whale

We close out the week with a melodic house Guest Mix from Italian producer and DJ Carlo Whale, who takes us on an ethereal and melodic ride.

Since 2013, experimental Italian producer Carlo Whale has been making waves, developing and honing his craft in his hometown of Cagliari. Inspired by his surroundings he has worked to present an emotive, distinctive and unique sound by pursuing boundaries between music, technology and nature. Classical-trained musician, he has deepened his connection with synthetic sounds with a degree in Electronic Music at Cagliari Conservatory under various influences that range from Erik Satie to Nils Frahm to David August.

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Carlo Whale’s organic approach to music finds his emotions reflected in the nature around him and with this mindset he aims at turning those emotions of a moment into music through a unique and mature production technique. With no signs of slowing down, Carlo has found a handful of quality releases landing on labels such as Einmusika, Steyoyoke, Inner Symphony, Poesie Musik and Manual, and establish himself as one of the most exciting breaking-trough artists of 2020.

His highly-anticipated latest feature on Einmusika serves as yet another testament to the sheer dedication he puts into his craft and undeniable studio prowess.

Check out “No Romance” from Carlo Whale on Einmusika

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