6AM Guest Mix: AVIVX

Author : Chelsi Sherrell
July 12, 2022

6AM Guest Mix: AVIVX

This week’s Guest Mix features the Tbilisi-based music artist AVIVX. His DJ sets oscillate between Chicago house, New Beat, Italo, trance, old and new techno, generating a vortex of playful techno euphoria.

Lately, he has been seen DJing at Berlin’s famous Wilde Renate, Buttons, Ficken3000, Cafe Luzia, Moscow’s Popoff Kitchen, Kazakhstan’s ZVUKm Tbilisi’s Khidi, Drama Bar, and many others. His latest vinyl EP Dark Temple on Rotterdam‘s Electronic Emergencies label and Clone.nl distribution, is set out to become his biggest project to date.

As AVIVX describes, “I call this type of DJ set “euphoric disco rave“. It’s one of the routes I usually take when DJing, that’s centered more around the disco sound rather than synth or techno. The music I’d play in the morning hours on the open air. So you can expect to hear an overabundance of melodies, vocals, gospel singing, strings, and pianos blowing up on top of powerful house beats and groves.

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6AM Guest Mix: AVIVX

AVIVX also adds: “As an eclectic DJ, I like to mix all subgenres of dance music, be it trance, disco, Italo, or tech-house. What’s important to me is the matching energies, moods, and grooves between the tracks. And I always try to keep the energy high, almost frantic. I like to give people the entertainment, emotions, and euphoria.”

“It always fascinates me to see how music can change people’s moods, make them feel happy, put a smile on someone’s face, and facilitate connections between strangers who resonate on the same vibe. It’s the most magical reward for me in DJing.”

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