6AM Guest Mix: Avi Sic

Author : Mark Grossane
May 05, 2023

6AM Guest Mix: Avi Sic

Avi Sic is a rising star in the world of electronic dance music.

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Listen Now: 6AM Guest Mix: Avi Sic

Her talent and dedication have already led to significant milestones, including one of her recent singles being released through Showtek‘s Skink Records and breaking into the Beatport top 100 Bass House chart.

Avi Sic’s special guest mix for 6AM Group is reflection of her unique style, which effortlessly blends various genres together, her forward-thinking approach to Electronic music is on full display throughout the mix, showcasing the best in Bass House, Techno, and Progressive House.

Listeners are in for an unforgettable experience as Avi Sic takes them on a journey through her impeccable selection of tracks from some of the most exciting and innovative producers in the scene. It’s clear that Avi Sic is a rising talent who is already making waves and will continue to do so as she pushes boundaries.

For anyone who appreciates great music and wants to experience the best of what Electronic Dance music has to offer, Avi Sic’s special guest mix for 6AM Group is not to be missed. Avi Sic’s mix is further evidence of why she is one of the most promising, dedicated, and dynamic acts in the industry.

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