6AM Guest Mix: Antony Doria

Antony Doria Guest Mix
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
December 04, 2020

6AM Guest Mix: Antony Doria

Belgian techno producer and DJ Antony Doria closes out the week with this exclusive Guest Mix.

Influenced by iconic Belgian club Fuse, Antony Doria started to mix records together by observing Dave Clarke and Pierre, the residents of the club, that he begins to acquire a good mix technique.

With new releases coming up and collabs with Decoy, Coincidence Records, Subsist, Dynamic Reflection and Variance, it is clear that Antony Doria’s stay in the techno world is not only well deserved but one that will stand the test of time.


Track Listing:
Fixeer – La Mujer Dormida (Original Mix) – SPECTRAL REBEL
MZR – UNTOLD (Original Mix) – SYXT
Temudo – L9 (Orginal Mix) – GRADIENT
The Advent – Foothold – KLOCKWORKS
Antony Doria – IMP (Original Mix) – FLASH RECORDINGS
Florian – Meindl – Trade (Original Mix) – FLASH RECORDINGS
Bas Mooy – Mist (Original Mix) – ILLEGAL ALIEN
Vegim – Tricoder (Original Mix) – ALGORITHM
Antony Dupont – Back In Da Dayz (Gary Beck Remix) – BEK AUDIO
Rebekah – The Bitter Boys Club (Original Mix) – SOMA
Lars Huismann – Aquila (Original Mix) – SOMA
Electric Rescue – Einoeino (TWR72 remix) – ARKHAM AUDIO
Blawan – My Guide To Dancing On Carpet (Original Mix) – TERNESC
Exium – Taken By Force (Original Mix) – NHEOMA
Sebastian Lopez aka Flug – Progression (Original Mix) – EXISTENTIA MUSIK
Jens Mahlstedt – Schwupp (Sterac Remix) – SUPERSTITION
Stanislav Tolkachev & Albert Chiovenda Uncooperative Cog (Original Mix) – GRANULARTS RECORDINGS
Tensal – Syntanoma (Original Mix) – MORD
James Ruskin – Work (Original Mix) – BLUEPRINT

Connect with Antony Doria: Facebook | Instagram | SoundCloud