6AM Group: A North American And Global House + Techno Force

Author : Kevin Ching
October 12, 2022

6AM Group: A North American And Global House + Techno Force

6AM Group is a respected internationally recognized global brand within the house and techno community. It has worked with such techno titans as Carl Cox, Jeff Mills, Nicole Moudaber and more, along with helping promote and grow the up-and-coming artists as well as local scenes all around the world. 6AM Group has a vast social reach network reaching millions of fans per month:

Instagram: 91K+ followers / 2.5M+ monthly impressions
SoundCloud: 38K+ followers / 250K+ monthly streams
Twitter: 21K+ followers / 324K+ monthly impressions
Facebook Groups: 6AM Community, 6AM Events,
Website: 40K+ monthly website unique visitors
Email Subscribers: 20K+ and growing weekly
Discord: 1,100 active users and growing daily

6AM Is Synonymous With House + Techno

On October 12th, 2022 if you googled the term “techno music” 6amgroup.com is the first page to follow wikipedia- therefore being the 2nd highest ranked page after the obligatory youtube links. If you googled the term “house music” 6amgroup.com is placed only two positons away from the wikipedia page- being the 3rd highest ranked page. Although these ranks change from day to day, 6AM maintains a high ranking with these widely used search terms- In other words 6AM is literally synonymous with House and Techno music and is globally recognized as a respected source on the two genres.

screen cap of Google search on October 12, 2022


6AM Goes Beyond Just Questions and Answers

6AM is so respected that it has garnered the attention of International House and Techno titans and was trusted to help spread the word of their artistry, personal lives, and more with 6AM’s In Interview Series.

Listen to 6AM In Interview with Carl Cox.

6AM’s unique editorials go beyond a simple Q&A and help fans and listeners delve into the artist’s journey, tastes and creative process. Due to our fresh take on the standard artist interview, many of our branded series have been sought after by artists around the globe of all levels to help promote their music.




6AM Isn’t Just News

Although 6AM brings it’s vast audience the latest news in house and techno music along with giving fans fresh  insights into an artist’s project, 6AM has positioned itself as a unique company by throwing some of the hottest underground warehouse parties with world famous artists as well as having its own sought after branded merchandise.


Upcoming Shows:


6AM Brings Synergy to The House and Techno Community and Artists

Through our editorial news content, vast social media channels, highly sought after merchandise and crowd pleasing shows 6AM has been able to combine all its branches and help promote artists and their music. In 6AM’s joint collaborative event with Synthetik Minds and Dirty Epic aka RE/Form in September 2022 a wide variety of artists were brought from all around the world. Kaveh of Pleasurekraft graced the decks with his signature cosmic techno sound as well as premiering his 6AM x Kraftek collaborative T-shirt at 6AM’s merchandise booth. Kaveh was also kind enough to take part in 6AM’s In Interview series to give insights into his personal philosophies and his perspective on his music.

Listen to: 6AM In Interview with Pleasurekraft


6AM’s Key To Success

6AM Group doesn’t just have fans and followers, but community members who actively participate and engage with 6AM news and media content. 6AM has a unique holistic approach to its community members by not just providing the latest music, news, and artist interviews- but also provide health and wellness tips, producer mindset tips and music industry tips that will help community members maintain the longevity of their passion and to continuously thrive and connect as house and techno lovers. 6AM has helped grow the House and Techno community by providing massive shows with the best talent along with creating trend setting merchandise for the fans.

If you have any further interest in 6AM Group and how it’s helped grow artists and communities feel free to contact our Content Director: kevin.ching@6amgroup.com

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