6 Social Media Tips To Execute Successful Events

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December 07, 2016

6 Social Media Tips To Execute Successful Events


A lot of moving parts have to come together to create a successful club night, concert or festival. In today’s day and age, technology and social media in particular are vital skills for successful event brands to connect with their target audience and, perhaps most importantly, keep them engaged.

In 2015 alone, 32 million people attended music festivals in the United States. Countless more went to a show, concert or club to see an artist play, multiplying the number of potential customers for any event organizers exponentially. The crowds are there, it’s just a matter of getting your event known to them and getting them interested to attend. But how?

With social media directly commanding up to 25% of the total traffic to all ticketing sites, it is imperative that you get your social media strategy right. There’s plenty of platforms to activate your social media plan, but posting what sounds good the day-of isn’t a good enough strategy to really get the most out of your network’s potential.

We talked with several promoters and event organizers to find out what their successful habits are with regards to social media and event promotion:


Know and Promote Your Organization’s Core Values

No matter the size or type of event you are throwing, your organization has important core value that anyone in your social media team should understand, fully adopt and properly communicate with every social media post that goes out on behalf of your organization.

Jonah Haas, the Co-Founder and Marketing Director of Lucidity, spoke to Eventbrite on the subject, “Get clear on the core values of your organization. This is how to stay in integrity with the deeper intentions of your brand.”

If your festival is big on sustainability then let that message shine in your social media posts, and if you’re promoting inclusion then ensure that it’s covered in your messages. Essentially you want everyone you bring into your social media team to know, understand and breathe the very same core values your company is built on.

Your Community Is Your First Priority

This may seem like an obvious one but your social media community is your number one priority when dealing with your social networks. It’s important for you to understand their needs and to adopt the right form of communication strategy with them.

When it comes to festivals or any event for that matter, you will have people ask questions who truly need information from you. Engage with them and let them know you care about their concerns and overall experience. Retweeting, favoriting and even replying to relevant tweets that are not directly addressed to you can be important ways of showing you care and are present for the conversation at hand.

Using apps or social media platforms such as Tweetdeck or Google alerts can let you know when people are talking about your brand or keywords, so that you can aptly engage them in conversation. Each community is different so ensure you study yours and adopt the necessary tools to interact with them and to get them involved with the your brand’s conversation.

Original Content is KEY

Re-sharing engaging content is definitely an important strategy that should be part of your social media execution, but original content is and will arguably forever be king. Why? It comes directly from the source, your audience has never seen it before and it likely relates to your event more than any other content out there on the web.

Original content allows you to get your brand out there in unique and visible ways that create true lasting impressions for anyone that comes in contact with it. But as the years go by trends change and you need to focus on ways to stay ahead of your competition, bringing us to our next point…

Think Outside The Box

Everyone is creating original content and while it’s great that you’re doing the same, if you don’t think outside the box it will be hard for your social media marketing efforts to be noticed above all the rest out there.

Staying up to date with what’s hot and creating your own viral content as a result is one way to go about it. Do not simply limit yourself to creating “original content” – think outside the box with regard to that type of content. There’s creative ways of using memes, videos, GIFs and other media types to connect with your audience and have your content go viral. But beyond that, you can use social media to spread the word on even more creative ideas such as flash mobs, art work, record-breaking stunts, urban brand placements, reverse graffiti and an infinite more marketing ideas that could be used to get your event brand out there.

Manage Your Content Intelligently

Depending on the size of your event, it’s possible that you will be creating and dealing with large quantities of content, making it important for you to store it and manage it efficiently.

There’s a myriad of software and platform options that allow you to keep your social media content and posts scheduled, organized and streamlined. Hootsuite is a popular option but Buffer, Sprout Social and Viraheat are just three other alternatives for you to consider. Do your research and find the right platform for your needs.

Tease Your Audience

When it comes to executing events, keeping your audience’s interest level peaked up is one of the hardest yet most essential goals of your marketing strategy. Giving them everything too soon and at once can work against you, whereas teasing them and leaving them wanting for more can keep them engaged for longer.

Britz Robins, the Social Media Manager of Shambhala Music Festival, explained this with a simple analogy, “When you’re building a festival and introducing something new and exciting, you don’t always want to give it away entirely before the event,” Britz said.

“‘Showing a little skin’, so to speak, without doing a full reveal, gives your fans something to talk about and fuels excitement.”


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