6 House & Techno Anthems Perfect for 4/20

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Author : Max Spruill
April 20, 2022

6 House & Techno Anthems Perfect for 4/20

Ahh, the infamous digits 4/20. For some, it’s just another date on the calendar, a time on the clock that strikes twice a day, or merely just a silly number to giggle at like a middle schooler with a sharpie in the bathroom stall. But for others, it’s a culture, a community, and a lifestyle- one that prompts you to just simply “blaze it.” It’s also a holiday, one that begs you to burn trees instead of decorating them. For stoners spread far and wide across the globe, April 20th is a day green lit to consume copious amounts of marijauna as if they weren’t already doing that on the other 364 days in the year.

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Well, what’s the best thing to do after hooking up with Mary Jane? Ordering a pizza, duh. But that will take at least 45-60 minutes, and you’re gonna need something to do in the meantime. So while that stuffed crust, double cheese, extra-large meat lovers special gets baked in the oven, go get baked yourself and sit back, spark up, and listen to top 6 house and techno anthems perfect for 4/20.


Shiba San – “Get High”

Hemp and house music, what more could a stoner want? The vocals go, “Kids who get high repeatedly don’t want to come down,” and you won’t want to either once this track runs through your ears. With a deep baseline and sounds of a 303 machine, Shiba San will make it loud in the vicinity, almost as loud as whatever you have rolled in the blunt.


Spartaque – “Feel Burning”

Techno and THC, doesn’t sound too bad to me! Feel the burning while you light up that earth and Spartaque lights up your speakers. By the end of the track, you should be as high as the BPM!


Martin Books – “Hot Box”

More techno with my terpenes, please. Close the windows, fire up the volume and fire up the grass as you hotbox the smoke and sounds with Martin Books.


Monstergetdown – “Light It Up”

This monster may get down, but he will definitely take you high with his fire house music. While the vocals tease you to “Light It Up,” you’ll be hard pressed not to spark one as this loopy track beckons you to get faded.


Alex Stein – “Bonfire”

This track was released on the label “Filth On Acid,” but I think it would sound just as filthy on weed after a fat bong rip too. Light up that kush like a bonfire and fade away to the hypnotic acid noise.


Jay Robinson, MASTERIA – “Pass That”

THC might have to stand for “Tech House Club” after you pass that joint and turn up this banger. What hits harder, the beat or the bud?

After listening to these 6 house & techno hits, your pizza should at least be out of the oven, and maybe even on the way. And if you send these tracks to your delivery driver, he might even get there faster. Talk about tipping with techno!


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