“5 Under-The-Radar Festivals That’ll Blow Your Mind” by Uone

Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
December 14, 2018

“5 Under-The-Radar Festivals That’ll Blow Your Mind” by Uone

Australian artist Uone has enjoyed an impressive breakout year on the international circuit thanks to his Balance Presents compilation, an impressive work comprised entirely of his own productions which you can find here – both originals and remixes. But prior to this, he was primarily known for being a specialist festival DJ, a regular at hotspots from Boom to Rainbow Serpent and beyond.

Looking beyond the big names events, he picks 5 under-the-radar festivals that have blown his mind, and will blow yours too:

Wonderfruit – Thailand 

Handcrafted unique decor made by locals, perfectly curated music line-up [this year’s festival will host everyone from Craig Richards to Sven Dohse] and a festival full of special moments that erupt spontaneously. This is Asia’s true underground arts and music festival. I attended the first Wunderfruit and cannot wait to go back – their attention to the overall punter experience makes for a truly unique magical festival experience.

Afrika Burn – South Africa 

Hidden deep in the western cape of South Africa is the Afrika Burn, a smaller offshoot of Burning Man. For people looking for an adventure that is 1/4 of the price of going to Burning Man in America this is your ticket. The first stop is Cape Town and the city is stunning and provides for an excellent base to get everything you need for the event. The location for the event is Tankwa Karoo National Park about 2 hours drive out of Cape Town and the journey there is magical. The ethos of the event is centered on the construction of temporary artworks in a semi-desert environment, some of which are burnt towards the end of the event.

Subsonic Music Festival – Australia 

The name of the festival sums is up; if you’re looking to hear music with deep sub bass then Subsonic has it. The event is truly an explosion of different electronic music genres and styles from all over the world. Having personally helped bring artists like Robag Wruhme, Catz ‘N Dogz, Dirty Doering, Britta Arnold, Nicola Cruz, Acid Pauli, Nu, Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner, Sascha Braemer to perform at the event over the last 10 years, Subsonic truly is one of those must-attend festivals.

Lighting In A Bottle Festival – California 

I was lucky enough to be invited to perform at LIB this year and hands down this event is currently my favorite festival. Their attention to detail on all aspects of the event is second to known. Stage design, layout, artistic content blew my mind. Check out my set from the Woogie Stage

CHI WOW WAH TOWN – Australia 

I don’t mean to chat but I need to add Chi Wah Wah Town, the event I run with my partner Danielle. It’s a 3-day boutique camping, arts and music event fundraising for MS Australia that’s only 90 min from Melbourne. One stage, one vibe, loads of immersive art installations, yummy food and a conscious community of people celebrating love. This year’s special guest was Pokerflat boss Steve Bug – it was a dream of ours to have him play on a Sunday afternoon in the Australia bush and it didn’t disappoint.