5 Great Electronic Music Venues For College Students Around The World

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May 02, 2019

5 Great Electronic Music Venues For College Students Around The World

Professional education programs can be obtained in any country. However, in this article, we would like to discuss the main points which can also influence your choice as a student on which city to choose for your degree program. These include, for example, such things as local culture and music venues.

Whether you choose to study in the United States or abroad, knowing there is a quality music venue for electronic music near you can be one of the deciding factors on where you choose to study.

Bijou, Boston, USA

You can not only study at the world’s largest independent universities around Boston, such as Harvard or MIT, but explore the nearby venues with all great music and vibes they have to offer. One of them is Bijou which started as a theatre in 1882. Nowadays, Bijou nightclub can entertain people with great events, parties and music guests. The facade is all that’s left of the original theatre, but it looks amazing inside.

Sound, Los Angeles, USA

Known as one of the best nightclubs in Los Angeles, Sound‘s atmosphere is one you will want to experience. Open not only on Fridays or Saturdays, Sound hosts parties on weekdays too, giving you the option of listening to the best techno, house, deep house and bass music from world-touring guests and local talent alike. One of the great things about Sound Nightclub is that it serves food too, because who doesn’t want a snack at 3am after hours of dancing? Having trouble partying and sticking to your assignments? Check more at EssayOnTime.

There is no shortage of universities in the Los Angeles area worth applying to, including UCLA, USC, Loyola and the beautiful Pepperdine University in Malibu.

Printworks, London, UK

Despite being a fairly recently opened venue, Printworks is now known around the world for its massive lineups and a beautifully-curated space with incredible world-class productions. We have all seen the photos and videos on social media and let’s be honest, we have all dreamed of partying at Printworks at some point in our rave life.

Shelter, Amsterdam

Not only is Amsterdam one of the best places to study, it is also one of the world’s top class party cities. The city hosts more festivals than any other in the world, with such world-renowned brands as AWAKENINGS, Dekmantel, Reaktor Events and of course, Amsterdam Dance Event, all calling Amsterdam home.

There are plenty of nightclubs worth visiting too, including one of our favorite basement venues in the world: Shelter. Located in the North of the city, Shelter is a no-frills all-about-the-music venue with an impeccable sound system, no table service and focus on quality music.

It’s hard to only mention Shelter though, for no visit to Amsterdam would be complete without mentioning iconic venues such as De School, Warehouse Elemenstraat, H7 Warehouse and plenty more.

Berghain/Panorama Bar, Berlin

Imagine calling Berghain your local club? It may be hard to get into the infamous techno/house institution, but it certainly gets easier once you’re a local. If you’re reading this article we trust that we don’t need to elaborate much about Berghain/Panorama Bar, but let’s just say that Berlin has no shortage of underground music venues worthy of visiting, especially if Berlin is the chosen city of your next degree program.

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