5 Downtempo Artists to Listen to For Better Concentration

Downtempo concentration
Author : 6AM
July 30, 2020

5 Downtempo Artists to Listen to For Better Concentration

The music and the sounds in our surroundings can have various effects on our thinking and the work process. Most of us think of music as a tool of entertainment and to get in the mood while doing a workout or traveling. The music is, sometimes, wrongly reputed to be harmful to the ability to concentrate. But the right choice of the music shall not only promote memory performance since it also helps to concentrate on the work or the study. Many studies have shown that ambient or downtempo music can be a great choice since they are very helpful in increasing productivity as well as the concentration of the listeners. Here are we are going to list some of the top downtempo artists you should listen to for concentration but before that, let’s have a brief discussion about what downtempo music is.

Downtempo Music: What Is It?

So basically, it is one of the genres under the electronic genre. It features simple bets and a little to zero vocals. Many artistes use soft vocals but they are soothing but don’t try to find the meaning of it. This is more like ambient music but it has a rhythm of beats unlike the for ambient. In simple words, it is a combination of Trance and ambient music. Downtempo is just like vaping – smooth and calming. If you are a fan of vaping then get the best liquids from smokingthings.com and if you want to enhance the concentration then here’s the list of best downtempo artists to listen to.

Listen to these downtempo artists for better concentration while studying or working:

Helicopter Girl

This artist from Scotland is active for more than 25 years and she really gives an exclusive turn to the music by encompassing multiple genres like jazz, dance, and indie-pop. Additionally, her vocals and lyrics are pleasant for the listening but they also enhance the concentration so, they won’t be distracting. Listen to the “Glove Compartment” and tell us what you felt.

Blue Sky Black Death

We are a big fan of this American duo. Music from Blue Sky Black Death will help to increase productivity but if you have office work or any other creative things to do. They are active for more than sixteen years and mostly use a guitar, drum machine, and keyboard to make music that is worth listing for being focused on anything you do.

Thievery Corporation

This is another American duo on our list which is one of the best downtempo artists to listen to enhance concentration. They have been on the scene for nearly 25 years and they try to bring the message through their music. You would find playlists of their music on YouTube easily.


This duo from Austria made ambient music for almost twenty years and retired in 2013. In their active music career, they received a lot of love from fans and got a chance to play at music festivals. Their albums are really helpful to concentrate on whether you are studying or even completing the work before the deadline.


Flume is the youngest artist on our list. Well, the music of this 29-year-old Australian downtempo artist will not help to concentrate on studies since he gives his music a spin by incorporating hip hop and dub but, if you are into some activities then it will definitely enhance the mood by adding fun and improving concentration.