The 4D Soundsystem: An Auditory Experience

Author : Lee Trotter
October 06, 2014

The 4D Soundsystem: An Auditory Experience

4D Sound System

When the studies of Nicola Tesla are applied to music, the result is extraordinary. Inspired by Tesla’s studies of space and human energy, Paul Oomen has managed to create an auditory experience unlike anything in the world today. His creation…the 4D Soundsystem.

The goal is to create a musical environment where the space tells the story, and for people to listen to sound, “as it exists in the world”, states Ooman. In this video, Ooman, Poul Hollemann, and Diynamic artist Stimming discuss the multiple aspects of the 4D Soundsystem, such as the audio routing and essential speaker set up.  After a truly spectacular explanation of how the system is created, the video concludes with clips of Stimming performing, or shall we say…experimenting with the 4D system. Could this be the future of live performance and club life? Take a look for yourself, and see what the 4D Soundsystem is all about. You can watch the video below, and go here for further information about this revolutionary sound system.

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