“4 Years of The Black Hole: Interdimensional Troopers” Unites 20 Raw Techno Artists For Massive Ravey Compilation

The Black Hole Interdimensional Troopers
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
December 01, 2020

“4 Years of The Black Hole: Interdimensional Troopers” Unites 20 Raw Techno Artists For Massive Ravey Compilation

In the subterranean of Brooklyn’s techno landscape, The Black Hole has always upheld the original spirit of rave culture: come as you are and let go of any intolerances through the music. As raves have temporarily become a thing of the past, The Black Hole celebrates four years of sonic enlightenment in a virtual dimension.

As an homage to one of the most beloved raves in New York, 4 Years of The Black Hole: Interdimensional Troopers not only features heavyweights who played the event in the past, but also artists who have collaborated on the Whirlwind Trax mix series and those who share a linked sonic vision.

Continuing last year’s VA compilation tradition, this premiere also includes artists who made their US debuts at The Black Hole. Known for being a catalyst for New York introductions, in-person or virtually, ALKHEMY continues this practice, featuring some new faces to the Brooklyn scene as well. The VA brings fresh, bold sounds to New York and America with artist origins spanning across the US, Europe, and South America.

This year of great physical distancing has birthed new meaning into the word “community.” Indeed, Interdimensional Troopers represents the comrades from the dancefloor, behind the decks, and in the studio. The movement lives on in 4 Years of The Black Hole, bringing back fond memories of a sacred musical space that many call home. Listening to the pummeling ravey and industrial beats that once anihilated warehouses will instantly take listeners underneath the strobe again, recalling that indescribable feeling of sharing a dancefloor through the early morning hours.

Whirlwind Trax is a Brooklyn-based hard & ravey techno label inspired by ALKHEMY’s The Black Hole.

We present to you the exclusive premiere of Indy Nyles’ brilliant contribution to this excellent V/A release:


Track Listing:

2. DJ Skull – Native Track
3. Brayan Valenzuela – Depression Number 69 05:38
4. Shaleen – Break the Pattern
5. Heidi Sabertooth – Virtual Arp
6. Anthro – Early Adopter 06:32
7. Indy Nyles – In My Mind
8. Vixen – No Thoughts, Head Empty
9. Adrestia – Knight Fox
10. Myler – Ineffables
11. Mørbeck – Nuts
12. AIROD – X-Files
13. Sept – Anti-Human Age
14. Buzzi – Timbra
15. DJ Suplex – The Stranger
16. EAS – Involuntary Vomiting (Eater Of Worlds)
17. Xiorro – Reality’s On the Jewel of the Solar System
18. Kata Mercado – Niemandsland
19. ROKS – Need More Sure
20. Melissa D’Lima – It Doesn’t Tear Me Apart Anymore

4 Years of The Black Hole: Interdimensional Troopers is out Dec 8th and available HERE