300 Swiss Clubbers Ordered To Quarantine Following Positive COVID-19 Superspreader

Swiss COVID-19 superspreader
Author : Marco Sgalbazzini
June 30, 2020

300 Swiss Clubbers Ordered To Quarantine Following Positive COVID-19 Superspreader

The local Swiss government has ordered 300 Zurich clubgoers to quarantine after a “superspreader” tested positive for COVID-19. This particular “superspreader” attended a party at the Flamingo Club in the Swiss city last weekend, and five others in their group also tested positive to the virus following the party.

Zurich officials stated that five other people who were in the “superspreader”‘s group tested positive on Friday, according to reports from the Independent.

As a result, the Swiss government has ordered the 300 people who attended the venue to quarantine for ten days. Initially, the Swiss government allowed nightclubs to open with capacity up to 300 people. This was followed by a capacity increase of up to 1,000 nightclub attendees.

“Unfortunately, this week it was found that four-to-five people who stayed with us last week had infected themselves with COVID-19,” a translation of the venue’s statement states. “Thanks to your cooperation and the consistently implemented guest registration, the medical service was able to contact the guests present at the time.”

Overall, the country of Switzerland has seen about 32,000 reported cases of COVID-19 with almost 200 deaths as of time of writing. Ahead of last week, the daily number of new reported cases in the country ranged between 10 and 30, although recently the number increased with numbers in the 50s and 60s.

This isn’t the first time that a “superspreader” incident is closely linked to nightlife. Back in May, a particular spike in Seoul, South Korea, was closely linked to a local nightlife district opening back up after easing up of regulations surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. In that instance, one particular partygoer tested positive for COVID-19 after visiting 5 separate venues in the city’s nightlife district and was later linked to at least 17 other positive COVID-19 cases.

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