Premiere: Rhys Fulber Drops Second Album for Adam X’s Sonic Groove Records

Rhys Fulber returns to Sonic Groove with a new LP titled Ostalgia set for release September 9th through Adam X’s imprint, which signed Fulber’s latest collaborative release with Blush Response titled ‘Corruption of Form’. Rhys, member of Frontline Assembly and Delerium, has seen a lot of success in the past year since his latest LP ‘Your Dystopia, My Dystopia’ which was full of his famous clinically precise kicks and bass-lines.

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Time Warp USA Announces Ricardo Villalobos, Sven Väth, Richie Hawtin, Amelie Lens, Peggy Gou, Maceo Plex and More for 2019 Return

Celebrating 25 years as one of electronic music’s most recognized and respected curatorial forces, Time Warp today has announced the lineup for its return to New York City, November 22-23. Five years after its last appearance in America, the brand welcomes some of the biggest names in house and techno to the industrial haunts of the New York Expo Center in The Bronx for two days of total audio and visual immersion.

Time Warp has built itself around a central notion of family, it’s a refrain that is repeated again and again both within the community of artists that have grown central to the event, and the tens of thousands of fans who make the pilgrimage to Mannheim every year.

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Einox Debuts on Joachim Spieth’s Affin Imprint with “Decentering” EP

Recently a young, enigmatic Asian artist by the name of Einox caught the attention and ears of Affin record label boss Joachim Spieth.

Living and working in Seoul, South Korean, Einox debuted in 2019 with the release of EP on the Spanish label ‘Circular Limited’, supported by various artists. Starting a live performance at the same time that he released his EP from Italy’s ‘Subosc Records’, he recently became a high-profile rookie artist in Seoul’s deep techno scene.

A major in aesthetics and art theory, he constructs his own sound with a variety of aesthetic perspectives. He strategically borrows contemporary postmodern works of art, and uses a variety of styles with constructive sound. Also, Einox goes beyond simple dance music, leading listeners to some phenomenological experience.

Given all this information, then, it is no surprise that Affin has snapped him up for their 158th outing. You can read his exclusive interview with Spieth here, and you can take a listen to a preview of the three-track EP, titled Decentering, below.

Track Listing:

1. Descending A Staircase
2. Interface
3. Not The Skyscraper


Einox’s Decentering EP is available via Affin’s Bandcamp page HERE

Connect with Einox: Facebook | SoundCloud

In Interview with Orlando Voorn

Calgary artist SageThaCat returns to Moonlight Records on the Work EP wielding two techno tracks inspired by classic 4×4 culture, with accompanying remixes by Orlando Voorn and Mark Adam.

SageThaCat takes the deep textures he introduced on 2018’s For You down a more peak-time oriented path lined with vocal samples, sequencer-styled pulses, and irresistible hi-hats.

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Premiere: Luca De-Santo Debuts On Funk’n Deep Black With “Basic Empathy” EP

Funk’n Deep Black welcomes Luca De-Santo to the family with his killer Basic Empathy EP.

Also included in this release is a remix from rising talent Giovanni Carozza.

Track Listing:

1. Basic Empathy (original mix)
2. Basic Empathy (Giovanni Carozza remix)
3. A New Dawn (original mix)

Luca De-Santo’s Basic Empathy is out September 13th on Funk’n Deep Black and available HERE

Connect with Luca De-Santo: Facebook | SoundCloud

Premiere: Plural Makes His Northern Parallels Debut With “Relentless Harbinger” EP, Including Subversive and FBK Remixes

Plural makes his Northern Parallels debut on the label’s eighth release, titled Relentless Harbinger EP. Plural blesses us with three hard-driving originals: “Blight”, “Your Light Is Weak” and “That Effing Noise”. All tailor-made for a dark sweaty warehouse dance floors.

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Quality & Traits of a Successful Music Producer and DJ

With today’s technology advancements, it’s easy for almost anyone to translate their passion for electronic music into a career.

The myth of the bedroom producer is no longer a myth, and we often hear stories of discovered artists who broke through in the industry after putting in countless hours in the studio, honing their craft and grinding until their hard work paid off. We recently gave some tips on how to increase productivity in your home studio, tackling important subjects such as ergonomic studio set-ups, removing distractions, labeling samples, learning shortcuts and more.

But what makes someone a successful music artist? What traits must one possess to really get the most out of one’s passion for music production and/or DJing? While there are a lot of factors that come into play to make it in the music world, in order to turn passion into a career you must truly want it.

Here are some qualities most successful music artists possess, compiled after tens of hours of interviews with successful international DJs and electronic music producers.

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Premiere: OMEN Recordings’ Eight Outing Features Newcomer Darkcloud and Remixes from AXKAN and Paul Birken

OMEN Recordings has no limits when it comes to releasing techno music. The label is showcasing their 8th EP, featuring a new artist, Darkcloud, a mysterious producer who brings four massive tracks for this no-holds-bar Industrial Techno EP. Also featured on the Nacreous EP are remixes by Minneapolis artist Paul Birken, and AXKAN from Los Angeles.

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6AM Guest Mix: Atroxx

This week’s Guest Mix is a live recording of Atroxx’s Avalon, Hollywood set from July 19th, 2019 when he performed for the Funk’n Deep Afterhours Takeover.

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Digging Deeper with Aaron K Gray

Now here is a man with a voice to behold: meet Gospel House singer Aaron K Gray, who has been seriously turning heads on the scene with his amazing soulful vocal range!

6AM Dig Deeper as he releases his stunning A Journey Into House album on Quantize Recordings.

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