In Interview with M.F.S: Observatory

Italy born, UK based prolific producers M.F.S: Observatory return with more of their passionate and synth-heavy house tracks on the Smiley Fingers label.

Opener and title track ‘Belly of Biased Beats’ is a busy, bristling house cut with coarse hits and rumbling synths that will get hands in the air. ‘Amev’ is a tribal cut with big vocal chants and chunky tech drums designed to get outdoor crowds on side and shuffling along. ‘Cut Me’ then drops back into house territory with more big, bouncy drums and slapping hits as well as gospel vocal swirls and effects, keys and chords all adding to the sense of energy. Last of all, ‘Liv’ takes you deep into the night on surging techno, with serene chords layered up top and supple, dub kicks get you in the zone.

We aren’t new to M.F.S: Observatory (check out our last feature with the duo HERE), so we felt it was time to grab a quick chat with the Italian duo to learn more about what they’re all about.

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Premiere & Interview: Finding Balance With Progressive Maestro Hernan Cattaneo

Balance Music have always been on the pulse of cutting-edge music, from their original series with James Holden and Phil K to the incredibly unique talents of Henry Saiz, James Zabiela, and Max Cooper.

Balance presents Sunsetstrip is the next plateau of concept mixes, curated by Argentina’s Progressive House maestro Hernan Cattaneo. Featuring 33 tracks by established, and new producers, such as DAVI, Khen, Brian Cid, Navar, CID Inc., and more, plus a host of exclusive original collaborations, where we transverse multiple genres, and tempos, all under the steady hands by one of the most highly regarded DJ in the industry today.

As we premiere one Hernan’s collaboration tracks with Soundexile featured on the compilation, we also sat down with the man-of-the-moment to talk about his relationship with Balance Music, the state of Argentina’s progressive house scene, his thoughts on marathon sets and more.

Enjoy the premiere and our exclusive interview with Hernan Cattaneo below!

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Global Vibe Radio 173 Feat. Svarog

The 173rd edition of Global Vibe Radio showcases the deep soundscapes of Svarog.

Svarog is one of the Slavic mythology gods, the deity of metal and fire, the forge operator. It is also the artistic name of Oleksa Moroz, musician and DJ from Lviv, Ukraine who draws musical inspiration from mountains and architecture.

His career started in 2015 with the release of an EP on the cult label Circular Limited, which showcased the best deep and bold sounds of techno, where textures and ambiances match the power of the beat.

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Considerations When Purchasing a Record Player

Owning a record player is a music lover’s dream. This goes beyond the convenience of being able to carry around your favorite tunes wherever you go or switching on random background noise to draw out the silence. The decision to buy a record player is all about experiencing the music to the fullest.

Though the reasons to get a record player are straightforward enough like the desire to listen to your favorite music with a warmer, more authentic sound, there may be some less obvious aspects you need to consider. While you don’t have to be an audiophile investing thousands of dollars in a high-fidelity sound system to achieve the same level of appreciation for your music collection, there are some key things you should be aware of when looking to purchase a record player.

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Win 2 Tickets To REFORM by Day and REFORM by Night featuring Robert Hood, Perc, Adam X and More

REFORM is a day into night event concept founded by 6AM Group and Synthetik Minds that aims to showcase and elevate the presence of cutting-edge electronic music, with a focus on quality techno and house.

The debut of the REFORM brand is scheduled to take place on September 1st, Sunday of Labor Day Weekend 2019. The event is split into two uniquely programmed events at two distinct locations in Los Angeles, for what will be a total of 15 hours of high quality, diverse techno.

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Premiere: Leipzig Based Oliver Rosemann Shares His Debut Four-Track EP on Pfirter’s MindTrip Records

Clearly influenced by the late 90s Techno, Leipzig based DJ, producer and one half of the techno duo Dualit, Oliver Rosemann shares his debut 4 track EP on Pfirter’s MindTrip Records, titled Intermediate World.

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The Guide To Every Electronic Music Genre Ever

Contrary to some popular perception, electronic music is quite the extensive and diverse genre. It can certainly be a daunting experience when you get curious and begin to dig deeper into the genre, although it also becomes easy to get lost in the myriads of sub-genres and blurred lines that separate them.

But don’t worry, if you would like to learn a bit more or even immerse deeper into the rich genre of electronic music there is a site dedicated to helping you.

The Electronic Music Guide provides a concise documentation on every sub-genre and movement in electronic music that has ever existed. It also offers a lot of audio content providing examples of each sub-genre and movement, enabling visitors to to enjoy a comprehensive electronic music experience.

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Premiere: Subjected Explores His Ambient Side As Pictures From The Aftermath With Eight-Track “Opera Scenes” Release on Intimate Silence

Intimate Silence return this August with an album from Vault Series founder Subjected featuring eight ambient cuts entitled Opera Scenes.

Subjected has been an important figure within Berlin’s techno community in the last ten years with his Vault Series and Subjected System imprints playing host to some of the genres most exciting names. His recent releases on ARTS, Stoor, Vault Series and self-titled label showcases his vast exploration into the realms of ambient soundscapes and atmospheric techno with a hint of post-industrial influence.

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In Interview with Julie Marghilano

Born in the US but now very much a resident of Berlin, Julie Marghilano is a trained violinist whose otherworldly take on house and techno never fail to impress.

The owner of the Sol Asylum label, Julie tends to adhere to a quality-over-quantity approach to production, only perking up every now and then but ensuring when she does so that’s it’s worth the wait. And such is the case with her latest, the brilliant sounds of Time In Space.

Marghilano’s first return to her label since last year’s exceptional Mercury Jasmine, Time in Space is vintage Marghilano: high on atmospherics and imbued with subtleties from the get-go, this is well-honed music of the sort the obsessive audiophiles in particular are sure to devour.

We caught up with Marghilano about the progress of Sol Asylum, this latest Time in Space EP, the difference between playing the States versus Europe and upcoming Berlin gigs.

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Kizen Records invites Winter in June & Vâyu For Its Third Label Release, Including Claudio PRC Remix

The third EP of Kizen Records: Winter in June & Vâyu with their first collaborative creation titled Dance of The Kachinas.

Being based in different places, their work originated, grew and blossomed somewhere between Cagliari and Paris. The EP includes a remix from Italian maestro Claudio PRC.

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