In Interview with Click Box aka 1/2 of Oresm

Oresm are an emerging duo consisting of Brazilian boys Pedro Tura (aka Click Box) and Dorival Rozek Junior.

Coming to our attention here thanks to a stunning three-track EP on Detroit label Silencio, Interstellar is a brilliant three-tracker featuring some sick deep house gems and one it signifies a change of focus for a label that up to now has been mainly concerned with more techno-focused records.

We caught up with Pedro, best known for his work on Richie Hawtin’s Minus, to find out a bit more about what he has been up to

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Premiere: Kaiser Souzai Debuts on Transmit Recordings with “Lost In Translation” EP

Anyone who’s encountered Ballroom Records’ output from the past while will know all too well that this is a label that doesn’t take half measures when it comes to churning out uncompromising techno. Indeed, this is particularly apparent in the output of the label owner and key protagonist, Kaiser Souzai, who marks his debut here for DJ Boris’ Transmit label courtesy of an EP that speaks volumes of his ability to consistently come up with innovative and fresh-sounding techno jams.

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Global Vibe Radio 155 Feat. Cari Lekebusch

The 155th episode of Global Vibe Radio comes from one of the OG and pioneers of Swedish Techno: sound architect, DJ, producer, H-Productions label boss, Cozmick B-Boy and Praying Mantis… Cari Lekebusch!

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Darius Syrossian Shares His Six Favorite Miami Music Week Memories

Arguably one of the music industry’s biggest calendar dates, Miami Music Week has long been a thriving hub for meetings, new business and most importantly: new music and amazing parties.

Miami veteran Darius Syrossian will be playing at the DO NOT SLEEP EPIC Pool Party on Wednesday March 27th and as a warm-up for the event, we asked him to share some of his favorite memories of MMW!

Read on and be prepared to experience some serious FOMO if you’re not already heading to Miami this week…

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Kangding Ray Launches New ‘ara’ Imprint With Mystified EP “Predawn Qualia”

Kangding Ray, a true innovator of electronic music, has just launched a brand new label, ara, heralding it’s first EP, “Predawn Qualia“.

Throughout his career, Kangding Ray, real name David Letellier, has always put artistic integrity first. Defining his sound as both an ode to club beats and a platform for unique expression, his dedication to the purest aspects of music and creation is unwavering. Now with this new imprint, ara, Letellier wants to give other artists the opportunity to develop their artistic identities without restriction as he has done for decades.

ara will not follow any one genre or fall into any particular category. Each artist and each release will be treated as a singular project in every aspect. From the sonic qualities of the music itself that will represent new concepts and a plethora of styles. To the physical artwork for each release, which will incorporate techniques including manually-applied ink and brushed acrylic paint.

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Wehbba’s DJ Deeon Essentials

Wehbba has just dropped an inspiring five-track EP on Drumcode titled We Have Bass, the lead track being a collaboration with ghetto house icon DJ Deeon.

A true master craftsman in the studio, his first contribution for 2019 is typically impressive. A huge inspiration to Wehbba since his nascent raver days, ghetto tech icon DJ Deeon contributes a fierce vocal to ‘We Have Bass’, after a serendipitous hook up in São Paulo. A peak career moment collaborating with one of his original heroes and the artist responsible for the classic ‘Freak Like Me’, the resulting percussive-heavy cut kicks like a rodeo bull. ‘Third Wave’ is coffee geek Wehbba’s homage to his favourite brew, constructing the production to mirror the experience of a caffeine fix, as a loopy trance-inducing groove leads to powerful synth stabs that are heavy on impact. ‘Steamroller’ is a stripped back slice of techno driven by the Brazilian’s Korg MS-20 and found form after it initially begun as a studio jam inspired by Richie Hawtin’s ‘Minus Orange’.

A Jean-Michel Jarre fan stretching back to his childhood, ‘Another Mistake’ was conceived after Wehbba saw the French legend in concert last year and was subsequently able to meet him backstage through a mutual friend. While creating the track, the producer imagined Jarre playing the main layers of the hook on his famous Laser-harp, eliciting an almost celestial quality with the melody. This is a stirring slice of techno fit for stadiums. The EP ends with ‘Purge’, the artist’s stream-of-consciousness expression recorded in one-take and a beautiful beat-less way to conclude the work.

To coincide with the release 6AM got a behind-the-scenes insight into how the studio session went down, plus half a dozen DJ Deeon classics to dive into for the uninitiated.

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CJ Jeff Returns on Yoshitoshi Recordings with Raw and Gritty “Eye Contact” EP Featuring Mathias Kaden Remix

Over the past few years, CJ Jeff has become an integral part of the Yoshitoshi roster, first with his remix of Eddie Amador’s 6AM (we love that track name!) and then with his debut label EP Pitch Black. His music is a raw, unadulterated mix of tech house and techno that you can always count on shaking things up at the party. CJ goes dark and gritty with loads of funk on his new EP Eye Contact.

The title track is nothing short of gargantuan. Its heavy, driving bass riffs and pounding drums are pulled straight from the techno bible, and CJ combines them with distorted vocals and acid square wave riffs that keep it lively over a big bottom end that roars through subwoofers like a monster. To kick things up a notch, we’re very exctied to welcome German house honcho Mathias Kaden to Yoshitoshi with a remix of ‘Eye Contact’ that balances out CJ’s brutal mix with a jacking house groove. Mathias is known for his funky and minimal tracks and his remix is as textbook as it gets, deploying bouncy bass and warm, classic-sounding drums and a breakdown to send the floors into a frenzy.

On the B-side CJ wraps up this great EP with ‘Silver Spoon,’ a slightly deeper but still energetic techno roller sporting a Detroit-style chord stab riff and plenty of percussion. One can’t help to be transformed to another time and dimension with Silver Spoon. We think that place is a dark warehouse.

As 6AM premieres the title track from Eye Contact, we took the chance to catch up with CJ Jeff following our interview and Global Vibe Radio mix with him last year.

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Did You Know That New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Used To Be a DJ?

The headline isn’t misleading, and we didn’t know about it either until this week!

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern,who has been praised around the world for her swift and decisive response to the recent mass shooting in Christchurch, used to be a DJ.

If you scroll back on her social media far enough, and by “far enough” we mean all the way to April 2013, you will find evidence of her love for electronic music and DJing.

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6AM Guest Mix: Juliet Sikora

Known to many for her energy driven productions on the likes of Suara, Material and her own Kittball imprint, Juliet Sikora’s work and effort within the studio certainly hasn’t gone unnoticed by those within the world of house.

Following her first release on Opaque Music alongside German duo Tube & Berger, a longstanding relationship both in and out of the studio with the pair led to a string of notable releases including their Beatport topping 2013 collaboration ‘Come On Now (Set It Off)’, which was later picked up by Pete Tong’s FFRR imprint, coupled with a highly successful and ever-expanding record label.

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Joachim Spieth Takes Listeners on a Three-Track Cinematic Journey with “Astral Plane” EP

Joachim Spieth’s latest vinyl work is pure cinematic bliss.

Scheduled for April 15th vinyl release, Astral Plane is a three-track EP that fits perfectly with the spatial and textural soundscape that his Affin label has gotten listeners accustomed to. Ambient, hypnotic and cerebral, all three tracks within Astral Plane are the ideal material for opening sets, or those moments when the rabbit hole gets real deep

“Mantra techno and cinematic textures opening up rooms…”

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