California Governor Jerro Brown Has Vetoed Later Bar Closing Times

California Gov. Jerry Brown has shot down the bill that would have opened the door to the possibility of Calfornia bars serving past 2am in 9 different cities in the state.

Gov. Brown believes there is “enough mischief” at California bars open until 2 a.m as it is, his cited reasoning for vetoing the bill.

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Q&A and 6AM Guest Mix: BAD BEAT

You have likely heard of Las Vegas’ MNTRA and Techno Taco Tuesday.

MNTRA is a humble, dedicated crew of more than 20 members whose goal is the creation of a community of those who share their passion for techno and other offshoots of the more underground facets of electronic music. They achieve this purpose through a series of well-curated events under the Techno Taco Tuesday (TTT) umbrella, featuring the best of the underground from an array of national and international headliners as well as their own Resident DJs.

MNTRA and its Techno Taco Tuesday brand have seen a dramatic expansion in the last few years, with attendance and support growing exponentially with each event. Their bookings have been on par with some of the best lineups in the country, rivaling markets usually considered to be bigger in the eyes of many.

This week we invited one of the minds behind MNTRA, Tino Gomez a.k.a. BAD BEAT, to provide a special Guest Mix and discuss their vision and upcoming projects with us!

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Amsterdam Dance Event Completes 2018 Program With Nile Rodgers, Carl Craig, Marcel Fengler and Marco Carola Amongst Latest Additions

It is almost time for the yearly trip to the Netherlands for Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) and in a timely fashion, the organizers behind the biggest club festival and business conference for electronic music in the world have completed the programming by adding a selection of final keynote speakers, panellists and performing artists.

Now that it is all said and done, ADE 2018 is set to feature 2500 performers and 600 speakers in almost 200 venues around Amsterdam

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Premiere: Hotstage Records’ Second Release Features Stephen Disario’s Quality “Incoming” EP

Los Angeles based producer Stephen Disario is the name behind the second release of Hotstage Records, crafting a strong EP with two original tracks and hot remixes from Fernando de Sá and Marcello V.O.R.

Incoming, the main track, is a dancefloor smasher with a growing electric mood and a smooth acid touch.

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Premiere: Yousef’s Circus Recordings Welcomes Luis Martinez’s Debut “Lente” EP

After the strongest summer of releases on Circus Recordings, including club hits like Nasser Baker “Say Something”, Camelphat’s “The Solution” Yousef & Bontan’s “Nasty” and the soon to be 4th Ibiza anthem in a row for the label, Junior Sanchez’s “Stronger,” label owner Yousef makes sure that the label is not only about big hits and big names.

Newcomer Luis Martinez sent his demos to Yousef on Facebook on the off chance they might be listened to. After some discussion, the label owner advised Luis his music needed a proper mix down, and then a mastering — not only to get the sound right but to see how committed a new face was to getting his music out there. Without hesitation, Luis followed the instruction and advice and made his good tracks into great tracks.

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#TBT Series: That One Time The BBC Told Us How to Get Into Berghain


Two weeks ago we got into Berghain on a warm September Sunday afternoon, exactly 24 hours before the club was granted “high culture” status by a German court and allowed to pay at a lower tax bracket than pure entertainment venues.

But what makes Berghain a high culture venue? BBC’s Lisa Ludwig explores the venue’s door policy and morefor “The Cultural Frontline” programme. Listen to the clip in full below or via the BBC iPlayer.

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Digging Deeper with Dr.Nojoke

Dr.Nojoke is a producer and live-act born, raised and still living in Berlin.

For two decades now he helps to shape deep electronic dance music with a vision is so unique as the history of his city itself. Dr.Nojoke’s next EP is entitled zero.two and is due to be released on September 28th through his label CLIKNO.

We invited him to talk about his influences and approach.

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Premiere and Digging Deeper with uhnknwn

Summer might be on its way out, but We Are The Brave are definitely not! Alan Fitzpatrick heads up one of the UK’s much-loved underground labels of the moment and they continue to deliver release after release with club bombs and festival anthems to remember from Skream’s ‘Poison’, Alan’s ‘We Do What We Want’ and Gary Beck’s ‘Just One More’. Not forgetting a special collab with Sasha and a Trevino remix. With his crazy summer schedule, Alan has been smashing out the label’s finest tunes, from the dancefloors of Ibiza to the muddy fields of Creamfields.

Some crazy talent is out there, and We Are The Brave has showcased some of them in recent months, and the next release from uhnknwn is one for the books.

uhnknwn is a brand-new project from an emerging talent who I’ve been impressed with for a couple of years. It’s all very hush hush and mysterious who he is, but I like that. It creates a certain type of creative space and freedom, and I really get why that is important” says Alan

uhnknwn’s debut Alpha in the Warm EP comes complete with an Alan Fitzpatrick remix, and is now available for pre-order via Beatport. Don’t try looking up uhnknwn on social media, for he doesn’t have any and never will. uhnknwn aims to remain unknown — hence the name — despite having released on a lot of labels in the past under different aliases.

With all that said, we thought there was no better way to learn more about this enigmatic figure than with an exclusive track premiere and a digging deeper feature.

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Matthias Meyer’s Top Tips For Busting Creative Blocks

Matthias Meyer has a unique sound that has made him stand out as special, amongst a sea of deep house artists; with a love of film soundtracks, his productions incorporate uplifting and orchestral elements, deep tribal grooms and African-influenced rhythms. Over the years he’s made his mark with standout cuts including ‘Reichenbach’, ‘Tout Va Bien’ and ‘November Rain’.

Hit a brick wall with your productions? The German DJ and Watergate resident shares creativity hacking tips on how to get the most out of your studio time.

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Premiere: Gianmarco Silvetti, Dahraxt, Giordanø and Conrad Van Orton Featured in Latest Secret Keywords “Interstellar Cowboy” EP

Secret Keywords is a vinyl and digital techno label based in Berlin, founded by Gianmarco Silvetti and Natascia Parisella.

Exploring new sounds is a focus of the project, where new experimental shades of techno have lead to featuring artists such as Michal Jablonski, YYYY, and AWB.

The second vinyl-only release is a split record combining firstly two production versions by label head Gianmarco Silvetti and Dahraxt. The second half or flip side is an original production from Giordanø, which we are premiering for you exclusively today, alongside a remix from Conrad Van Orton.

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