Premiere: Listen to MEMA’s “Show Me” From ON IT Recordings’ Retrospective Collection Compilation

UK top Tech House label ON IT Recordings start their year on a reflective note with a tasty new compilation highlighting some of their key releases since their inception in 2017. Giant dancef loor gems come from Jey Kurmis, Hott Like Detroit, Funk D’Void and more, along with ON IT chief ONYVA‘s biggest label release to date ‘Tibetan People’. The compilation also features 4 brand new *exclusives for 2018 including Hott Like Detroit‘s ‘Want My Thing, Mark Holmes & David Bradshaw‘s ‘You’, along with some heat from newcomers to the ON IT crew including Yorkshire’s Franky Wah with ‘Empire’ and MEMA with ‘Show Me’. In addition, ON IT’s boss ONYVA flexes his DJ muscles and delivers a mighty mixed version of the album to enjoy.

Its been a great year for the label with some amazing new signings coming on board. Here’s a collection of some of my favorites, although there were so many to choose from it was hard to make the final selection. We thank you for your support in the last year and to all the artists that helped make the label possible. There’s more where this came from in 2018! We are #ONIT. “ – ONYVA

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Ellen Allien Presents Third Part of “Nost” Remixes

Ellen Allien‘s seventh studio album, Nost has gained positive reviews and has brought about two well-received remix EPs. But if you think there is nothing more in store, get ready to be proven wrong!

Her label BPitch Control will soon release part three of the “Nost” remixes, RMXS 3. The lineup of contributors for this release is impressive, with Alan Oldham, Eomac, Amotik, and XDB all poised to bring a whole new dimension to the music, each stepping up to the plate to deliver their own interpretations of “Queen Bee’s” original works.

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Premiere: Listen to RINSED’s “No Remorse” from Snakes & Ladders EP on The Umbrella

RINSED – a party, a collective, an institution built by the voices of the ravers who wanted just a little bit more to their hedonistic Brooklyn adventures. Two individuals – Dan Wender and Blacky II – came together one night in Brooklyn seven years ago and decided to do their own thing on small-but-sexy scale. The whispers got louder, the party got larger and all of a sudden it’s three years later and the boys have an anniversary party to play in the back of a pizza joint in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The party was an all-live performance, seven-hour rave and they had no tracks to work with, so they gave themselves a challenge – they had a weekend to make their live show work and not fall on their faces and meet the standard that they upheld years back from the very first RINSED event.

Turns out — after an extensive weekend session with a bevy of hardware and illicit substances — the boys made it work. It resulted in an hour-long set of kaleidoscopic house and garage cuts that’s equal parts evocative, fresh and multi-sensory. The initial thoughts behind this set was to be a one-and-done event, but after much consideration, the duo couldn’t let these tracks not see the light of the day.

Enter Snakes & Ladders on The Umbrella, a release of the live set; remastered and revamped for your audible pleasure – to be made available in conjunction with their seventh year anniversary. The set will see three versions — as a four-track EP, an eleven-track bootleg LP, and as a continuous mix which will be accompanied by a live performance of the duo’s oh-so-tantalizing live show.

Fair warning — things tend to get more slippery the higher one gets.

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Digging Deeper with Tony Hopkins

Finland has long enjoyed a positive relationship with electronic music. From DJ/producers such as Sasse, Jori Hulkonnen and the Deep Space Helsinki boys, theirs is a musical community that’s not lacking in influential names. Contemporary stars such as Lil Tony would seem to suggest that the current scene is no less exciting either. Another such man to make his mark in Finland recently is Mood of the Era label boss, Tony Hopkins.

Tony might not possess a Finnish name (indeed, he’s half American but was born and raised in Turku, Finland), but he’s most definitely a man who’s helping to push the local scene. With the latest release from his label, Mood of the Era, about to drop soon, we decided to put a few questions to the man in question…

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Premiere: Listen to the Title Track from HRTL’s Forthcoming “Sugarlump” EP on Wolfskull Limited

Darko Esser’s Wolfskuil Limited kicks off 2018 with Sugarlump EP by the Czech artist HRTL. Known for his 100% improvised hardware live sets and cassette releases on his own Bűkko Tapes label, ‘Sugarlump’ EP showcases HRTL’s solid production skills, flawless taste and an obvious passion for classic Detroit House sound.

The title track “Sugarlump” opens the EP with moody pads, evolving in dynamic rhythms progression and deep atmospheres. “Someone Stole Your Sweetroll” follows with low resonating bass drums and beautiful melancholic strings followed by “Dental Trauma” that intensifies this flow with a more pronounced acidic sound. “LOD” develops slowly with uplifting break beats overflew by celestial arpeggios, ending the journey with a charming touch.

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Marsian: Marc Houle and Sian Unveil New Live Collab Project With “X-Rays” Premiere

Two of the most prominent artists in the electronic music scene, Sian and Marc Houle, have both been known as extraordinary outsiders, operating barely within the limits of their genre. Throughout the years they have both stood their ground and bucked the trends, expectations and rules, opting to create very distinct paths to explore their artistic freedom.

Now, Sian and Marc Houle have finally come together for a new collaborative project called Marsian. The project began as a studio pairing, which has now culminated in the release of their first EP entitled X-Rays, from which we are premiering the title track for you today.

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Q&A and Global Vibe Radio 098 feat. Mike Agent X Clark

This week’s episode of Global Vibe Radio comes from a true OG, the legendary producer/DJ & original house head that is known globally as the “Ambassador Of House Music”: Mike Agent X Clark. The mix was recorded Live at Northern Light in Detroit for Mike’s birthday party.

Mike is the founder of international record label, Strictly Beatdown Recordings and clothing line, Strictly Beatdown Detroit. Listen to the mix below, download it for FREE here and read on for our exclusive interview with Mike himself.

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Digging Deeper with CLiQ

Who or what is CLiQ? We are willing to bet that you’ve heard “Wavey” at some point in the past few months, the track that has been absolutely flying in terms of Spotify, YouTube and radio plays. We’re talking over a million Spotify plays inside a month, tens of thousands of Shazams, being in the Top 20 most played tracks on Spotify in London, featured on New Music Friday (#14), UK House Music (#3) and Massive Dance Hits (#11), as well as #1 on the UK Viral Chart.

The crossover track is not only getting daytime radio plays, but also support from the likes of Gorgon City, The Magician, Tough Love and more, so it’s also translating to the dance floor too. There’s already a great story building behind the duo, so we checked in to dig deep and learn more about this enigmatic project.

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Digging Deeper with Brian Power

Those who make music generally start planting their musical roots at an early age, however, UK DJ/producer Brian Power is somewhat an anomaly as he reveals his debut album at the age of… 54!

Feeling inspired by the brilliant level of musicianship of this ’new kid on the block’, we hunted him down for a chat to find out more.

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Morocco’s Oasis Festival Announces 2018 Phase 1 Lineup

Oasis Festival, Morocco’s luxury and exotic music festival will take place on September 14-16, 2018 on the outskirts of Marrakech. While the event is still 8 months away, this has not stopped the organizers from announcing first wave of acts that will headline this year’s edition of the festival.

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