Premiere: Pattern Drama and Discern Combine for “Stay Awake” on Cenote Records

Corey Baker, better known as Pattern Drama, is slated to release a 12″ record on Boston-based Cenote Records this coming August 4th.

The Wait For Me EP contains the namesake track featuring vocals by Aquarius Heaven and Hezza Fezza, and a second original track, a collaboration with duo Johnny Cruz and Silky, aka Discern, which we are premiering today. On the flipside is a remix by the monstrous Francesca Lombardo.

“Stay Awake” is a versatile track that is perfect for club-time play as well as for an outdoor set as the sun shines down on the dance floor. Filled with supple and inviting synths, a bouncy bass and infectious drums, the track is a perfect rolling deep house gem that will get crowds grooving. The track is completed by a series of chords and muffled vocals that give it extra depth and emotion.

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Premiere: Black Asteroid Brings Signature Raw Energy For His Remix of Sian’s “King Pest”

Sian’s latest project, Capital Crimewave, broke the barres between techno, acid and hip-hop by fusing the genres and taking them in directions not many other artists had eve ventured to.

The album was fearless, unapologetic and transcendental in the way it broke  those invisible boundaries between warehouse techno, urban hip-hop, mind-bending acid, dubbed-out electronics and countless other future genres in between. The massive 20 track LP saw Sian bind together his diverse catalogue of machine-made sounds into one cohesive audio experience that is unlike anything he had previously released on Octopus Recordings, or any other label for that matter. We interviewed Sian and vocalist AG Fernandez at the beginning of April right before the LP came out, digging deeper into the whys and wherefores behind this exciting and innovative project.

For the remix pack Octopus Recordings looked hard into the current state of affairs and chose some purely unique and fearless artists who all had one thing in common: a clear signature sound that defines their entire body of work. The package features the high art dance floor freakiness of Lee Van Dowski; the low slung, post-soviet mechanics of Maksim Dark; Japanese new-school perfectionism from Hoshina Anniversary and of course the sheer, raw energy blast that is Black Asteroid, which we are premiering today.

Purchase Capital Crimewave Remixes on Beatport, and listen to the premiere of Black Asteroid’s remix of “King Pest” below exclusively through 6AM.

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Premiere: James le Roux Releases Soul-Tinged “Now What” EP on Igloo Records

Igloo Records is back with a new EP that comes from James le Roux, features four chunky and soulful house tunes, one of which is a fine remix from Dilo.

James le Roux is an English producer with a show on Pioneer Radio who is really making waves. He plays all over Europe and has a top live show and these new tunes are slick indeed.

“Now What” kicks things off and is a soulful tune with rubbery drums and downbeat synth lines making for a nice emotive groove.

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Opinion: The Dehumanization of Electronic Music and Why DJs Must Learn to Accept Criticism From Fans

Over the weekend the words posted on social media accounts by Canadian artist Tiga had a lot of people talking.

In a post that appeared on his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Tiga opened up and discussed a subject rarely tackled in the world of electronic music: it’s simply impossible for a DJ to have a perfect set every single time. Peers and music fans alike weighed in, and how could they not after reading such a singular perspective from an artist as recognized as him.

Ultimately, Tiga shined a light on a side of electronic music culture that is sometimes easy to lose track of but that remains essential for the true artistry of the genre we love to flourish and prosper: the human element.

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Two People Dead After Gunman Opened Fire Inside Germany Nightclub

Two people have died with more injured after a gunman opened fire in a nightclub in the city of Konstanz, Germany.

The attack took place at about 4:30am local time in the early hours of Sunday. The gunman was the Iraqi Kurdish son-in-law of the nightclub’s owner, German officials have reported. It all started with an argument, which resulted in the gunman being thrown out and later returning to the club with an M16 rifle, which he used to kill a doorman.

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Tiga: “How About When You DON’T Kill It (as a DJ)”

Yesterday night Canadian producer and DJ Tiga came off playing a gig in Rome, Italy, with a perspective most DJs seldom acknowledge, if ever.

“Here’s something nobody talks about; how about when you DONT kill it,” he began, before admitting that at times it is the DJ who is “what is actually wrong with the party.”

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BREAKING: Tomorrowland Unite Stage in Spain Caught Fire Resulting in Festival Evacuation

A large stage at Tomorrowland Unite in Spain caught fire tonight local time, resulting in the mass evacuation of up to 22,000 festival goers that were attending the event.

The festival is a satellite event that is part of a global series happening alongside Belgium’s Tomorrowland, which is currently in the middle of hosting its second weekend in Belgium.

According to eye witnesses the fire erupted following a series of fireworks, although no official word has come out from the festival yet as to the causes of the fire. Social media accounts state that the fire engulfed the stage in a “matter of seconds” while others report hearing some explosions as the fire raged on.

At this moment there are no reports of injuries from the incident.

See videos of the fire below.

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John Tejada and Justin Maxwell Release “I’ve Got Acid (On My Brain)” EP on Acid Camp Records

Duo John Tejada and Justin Maxwell team up for the latest release out on Acid Camp Records (ACR), an EP entitled “Ive Got Acid (On MyBrain)” that came out today on both 12″ and digital formats.

As title suggests, the three-tracker (plus acapella of the title track) contains acid throughout. The opening track, Ive Got Acid (On My Brain)” is a mind-bending wavetable freakout, the likes of which Tejada and Maxwell have been striving to do for years. Using a vintage EMS vocoder to create an original vocal sample, this track is bright, playful, and vivacious.

Premiere: Listen to Knu Jé’s “Vocoder So Sexy” (Quad lBB “Funk-Tribe Original Mix)

Chicago’s Sound Reflection Records welcomes Donnie Tempo under the alias of Knu Jé with a beautiful broken beat, soulful house track entitled “Vocoder So Sexy”.

Beautiful Guitar rhythms by Richard Patterson, Jr. with additional vocals by Dovie Cote. Track is inspired by Vinicius de Moraes & Norman Gimbel’s lyrics of “Girl From Ipanema”.

Knu’jé was first introduced on Jon Cutler’s label with track entitled “Seeds of Life” with a remix by Dennis Ferrer. Knu jé is an alias used by Harold Brandon who works under various names such as DJ Quad, Donnie Tempo and Club Ice.

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Premiere: Mikey V’s “The Jones” Oozes Straight Chicago House Vibes

Producer Mikey V returns to Apollo Music Group with a vengeance, following the Mixmag UK feature and rave reviews of his last collaboration single “Revolution” with Chicago’s The Outfit.

Mikey Velazquez is a DJ, Producer & Vocalist from Los Angeles, California who has been a staple on the West Coast underground house scene since 2006. Best known for throwing the infamous HAWT parties, 2013 finds him focused on production with releases on labels such as Classic Music Company, Cajual Records & Dufflebag Recordings.

Premiering “The Jones” today, Mikey V provides that Chicago House bump that Apollo is becoming widely known for. The EP package is completed by a set of fantastic and unique remixes by the one and only JT Donaldson. The EP comes out on August 3rd and is available for pre-order via Beatport.

Wasting no time, the original mix kicks off hard, with a crisp shuffled beat, quite reminiscent of the programming heard by Brett Johnson. Mikey adds the low end and quickly gets moving on the mic; “Pick your poison, pick your vice, gotta have it all the time” is the rhyme heard in 4/4 time on this cut. With heavy delays, space echoes, all the right pans and dark analog key stabs, this track hits in all the right places. One might also assume that we all have our vices, making this an easy theme to assimilate with.

Moving on to the remix tip, we have the infamous Texas ninja, JT Donaldson. JT has been taking fools to school in the studio since his early work with Spencer Kincy in 1996. Over the years, he’s also produced alongside Chris Nazuka, Lance DeSardi and Chris Penny to name a few. JT’s work has been featured on countless timeless labels of our time including Cajual, Vista, LowDown, Aesoteric, OM, Freerange and many more.

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