Fyre Festival Founder Releases Statement: “This Is The Worst Day Of My Life”

Probably the worst music festival ever thrown, Fyre Festival made headlines all over the world as one of the biggest failures in its industry.

The hashtag #fyrefestival went viral throughout the world yesterday, with the internet quick to take every chance to highlight just how bad the festival turned out to be, and how far its reality was from the lavish and luxurious experience it promoted. As we ourselves underscored with our article, Twitter, Reddit and other social media users took the opportunity to throw savage humor at a festival that was promoted by so-called “Instagram influencers” and celebrities, but fell short in so many ways to deliver what promised.

After paying exorbitant ticket prices — many of which reached up to several thousands of dollars— and promises of chartered private planes, luxurious beachside villas, and hot models, attendees were greeted by tent camps that resembled disaster relief zones, “meals” that were a far cry from the VIP experience paid for, and absolute anarchy.

Rolling Stone took the chance to collect an official statement from Billy MacFarland, the 25-year old co-founder of the festival who partnered with Ja Rule to throw the event. In his statement, which you can read in full below, MacFarland tries to offer an apology and explanation for what happened, saying he will “start earlier next year” and promising to work out a make-up date in 2018 for those that bought tickets for Fyre this year.

It’s baffling to think that, according to the statement, the organizers of Fyre Festival attempted to put on a first-time experience of that size and kind without the use of outside production companies and help. MacFarland claims they were naïve, which frankly is putting it lightly considering the gravity of their failure.

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The Rise of Enzo Siragusa and Fuse London

It’s been 8 years since Enzo Siragusa founded Fuse, a London-based event series and record label that has now carved itself a firm spot in the worldwide techno and house movement.

His love with electronic music began much earlier than that when, twenty-years ago, Enzo began DJing for the first time. What followed was years of hard work,  and an organic approach and dedication to his craft that ultimately laid solid foundations for himself and Fuse to now be reaching the global status they find themselves in.

2016 was possibly his biggest: Fuse was voted best UK club night in the DJ Mag best of British and the event series secured a 5-date residency at the iconic Amnesia Ibiza, Enzo himself shot up 26 places in the RA Poll to number 36, he was voted one of Mixmag’s stars of the year and, to top it off, he made his debut Essential Mix on Pete Tong’s famed BBC Radio 1 show.

We are not halfway through 2017 yet and the momentum continues for Enzo and Fuse. FUSE London was nominated as one of Mixmag’s ‘Label of the Decade’ and the FUSE London events just announced their second year residency at Amnesia Ibiza this summer as part of a collaboration with HYTE.

6AM caught up with a busy Enzo as he readies to get on the road for a North American tour that will see him visit Miami, NYC, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Toronto, in Canada.

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Yoshitoshi Boss Sharam Shares 10 Los Angeles Inspired Tracks

On May 6th Yoshitoshi founder and label-head Sharam is heading to Los Angeles’ Avalon Nightclub, where he is scheduled to play with special guest Oliver Dollar.

Today, the veteran producer and DJ shared with us ten tracks inspired by the city of Los Angeles, which you can listen to in the playlist below. When introducing the selection, Sharam stated: “This playlist showcases some of the highlights from Yoshitoshi’s recent catalogue as well some other huge tunes that have been featured in my recent sets.  Please enjoy and I hope to see all my LA fans at the Avalon May 6th for my show with Oliver Dollar!”

Tickets are available via Seetickets and don’t forget that we are also running a ticket giveaway for the upcoming show, which you can enter here.


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Watergate Berlin Could Close Down As Landlord Doubles Rent

Watergate, one of Berlin’s iconic nightclubs, is at risk of shutting down.

The new landlord has decided to spike up rent by literally doubling it, following the entire building’s recent sale for €6.3 million. This is in some way a result of the club’s own success, falling victim of gentrification after 15 years of extremely successful operation.

Founder Steffen ‘Stoffel’ Hack spoke to Resident Advisor recently on the subject, staying: “In unbridled capitalism, the market regulates the price and there is no protection of business tenants or rental ceilings to counter this, [which] leaves the successful management of Watergate on very fragile terrain. In the end, we will all leave.”

The rent increase is substantial, meaning that the club could decide to shut down if it’s unable to find creative ways to bring in enough revenue to make up for the added costs. Hack has explained how the club has to “expand conceptually as well as in terms of content.” This includes a forthcoming world tour that will see the venue celebrate its 15th anniversary with stops in Spain, Brazil, Morocco, Switzerland, France and the United States.

Coming up at Watergate in Berlin are acts the likes of Solomun, Soul Clap, Pan-Pot, Adriatique, Coyu, Prosumer, Gui Boratto, Kerry Chandler and many more. Full list of upcoming shows can be found here.


The Funniest Tweets To Come Out Of The Fyre Festival Disaster

Update: Read the official statement from Fyre Festival co-founder Billy MacFarland

Fyre Festival has turned out to be quite the disaster, to put it lightly. Attendees, some of whom literally forked over thousands and thousands of dollars for what they expected to be a lavish experience, were greeted on festival grounds at the Bahamas by an experience that was everything except the luxurious, supermodel-filled getaway which they had been promised.

You may know of the festival, which is run by Ja Rule and Billy McFarland’s Fyre Media company, thanks to their heavily sponsored content campaign which was promoted on Instagram and other social media outlets by the likes of Kendall Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski, and Bella Hadid. The glamorous offerings, however, didn’t quite live up to expectations.

While thousands got to witness the shambles waiting for them in the Bahamas, many didn’t even get to fly to the Caribbean island, with all flights scheduled to depart to the destination reportedly cancelled after initial news of the disaster zone awaiting them began to make the social media rounds.

But let’s backtrack a bit and discuss what happened at the festival itself. Consequence of Sounds reports: those who made it to the grounds discovered soon enough that it was a far cry from the oasis they were promised. Tickets to the festival ran between $4,000 and $12,000, with the price of admission including a chartered flight from Miami, private villas to sleep in, yacht rides with gorgeous models, and performances from the likes of G.O.O.D. Music, Major Lazer, Blink-182, Disclosure, and more. On paper it all sounded great, if you’re the kind of person that is into that super exclusive douchebag festival experience. In reality, festival grounds were littered with half-built tents and mountains of trash. Catered meals were nothing more than a slice of bread and cheese, with a salad garnish for good measure. As night fell, the situation became even more chaotic, with festival staff and security nowhere to be found. Luggage was thrown out of the back of a truck to an awaiting mob. There were reports of feral dogs running loose through the festival grounds, and some attendees allege to have gotten into verbal and physical confrontations with locals. All the while, flights to the island have been cancelled.

What ensued was a slew of tweets depicting just how bad and dangerous the situation was and, in true unforgiving Internet fashion, throwing some humor on the fiery situation… pun intended. William Needham Finley IV took to his Twitter to document the experience in brilliant detail and with great humor:


Unsurprisingly, he wasn’t the only one to unleash some humor on the situation:

As can be seen from the tweets above, most of those who originally made it to the festival grounds found ways to leave and fly back to the mainland United States. Needless to say we strongly doubt that Weekend II — yes Fyre Festival was meant to run over the space of this weekend and the next, pretty unheard of for a first-time festival — will take place. Instead we assume that organizers will be dealing with a few lawsuits or perhaps a class action suit from the hundreds of (possibly) wealthy attendees that were scammed out of thousands of dollars to receive what turned out to be a fairly realistic disaster relief experience.

The festival’s social channels have been unsurprisingly quiet, except for the following misleading, uninformative and frankly dishonest Instagram post blaming all the above vicissitudes to mere “growing pains.” We honestly doubt they will have much of a chance to do any growing following this…


Things got off to an unexpected start at day one of Fyre Festival. FOR THOSE CURRENTLY ON GREAT EXUMA We are working to comfortably accommodate guests and deliver a great experience. If you have needs, please head to the “BLUE HOUSE” on the main festival site. Security, first aid, and Fyre Festival staff are here to assist immediately, 24/7. FOR THOSE WITH PENDING TRAVEL TO THE EXUMAS TOMORROW Due to circumstances beyond our control, and in line with a culture of safety, all inbound charter flights to the Exumas have been canceled. Your ticket and any funds uploaded to your RFID band will be refunded. Thank you for bearing with us as we work through the growing pains that every first year event experiences. Revised itinerary information will be shared soon for the remainder of this weekend and weekend two.

A post shared by FYRE FESTIVAL (@fyrefestival) on

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H/T: Consequence of Sound

85 Year Old Techno Grandpa’s Birthday Party Almost Sold Out

At first glance, it doesn’t really look that unusual. An upcoming techno party to celebrate someone’s birthday is a type of event that we have seen many before. But what makes this event more noteworthy is that the birthday celebrant is not one of the young people you usually expect to be a fan of the genre

Instead, the celebrant is an 84-year-old grandpa by the name of Johan De Vries who is about to turn the young age of 85. And make no mistake, he very much loves techno and has no qualms showing it.

De Vries has been a techno lover since 2005. “At first, I still felt a little shame, I was afraid of nasty comments. When I finally got the courage and went to a festival, the opposite happened:.. Everyone was so nice,” he recalled.

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Spotify May Be Developing Its Own Music Hardware

After achieving success as an online music streaming service, Spotify may be looking to take the next step.

Reports are suggesting that the music streaming giant is planning to introduce its own music hardware. This was bolstered by a recent job listing which announced that Spotify was looking for a senior product manager for “a category-defining product akin to Pebble Watch, Amazon Echo and Snap Spectacles.” The listing also stated that the selected candidate will be tasked to create “frictionless and creative Spotify experiences via fully-connected hardware devices.”

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Detroit, LA, Chicago and NYC Combine For Only Day Party at The Works During Movement Weekend

Movement weekend is undoubtedly the busiest four days of techno and house in the United States all year. On top of the three-day festivities at Hart Plaza, the city plays host to over 50 day and nighttime parties featuring diverse lineups and genres, from more underground sounds to dubstep and drum and bass.

And this year, for the first time ever, outfits from Detroit, Los Angeles, Chicago and New York City combine for the only daytime party of the weekend to be hosted at The Works — one of Detroit’s most iconic and respected venues. An industrial three-room space known by techno aficionados around the United States as the home of some of Detroit’s best techno events, this year The Works will be hosting four nighttime parties featuring some of the best techno lineups of the entire weekend including Tommy Four Seven, DVS1, Lucy, Luis Flores, Dadub, Hypoxia and Audio Injection, just to name a few.

On Sunday May 28th Synthetik Minds (LA/Chicago), AudioBite Records (Detroit) and Terminator Records (NYC) are all combining with 6AM for Synthetik Audio, a daytime party that will see all three rooms at The Works feature some of the best techno and house from all these major United States cities and more.

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Win 2 Tickets to Cashmere Cat at The Wiltern in LA on May 12th

On Friday, May 12th, Live Nation LA, L’Affaire Musicale and Orlove Entertainment join forces to bring Cashmere Cat to The Wiltern in Los Angeles.

Smashing the billboard charts worldwide, Cashmere Cat are undoubtedly one of the most sought after multi-genre producers around, making this a night you don’t want to miss.

We have teamed up with L’Affaire Musicale to give away a pair of GA tickets to the 21-and-over event. To enter, simply follow the instructions in the widget below. The winner will be selected at 12pm noon PST on May 10th.

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Premiere: Francis Xavier ‘Dream:Time’ (McLean & Mai Remix) on Motorik

Motorik Recordings, the label born out of warehouse parties is celebrating 5 years of releases. A Sydney collective releasing only Australian dance music has created a 14 track compilation of the artists who have made Motorik the Australian powerhouse it is today.

In honor of the milestone achievement, we are bringing to you an exclusive premiere from the compilation, the McLean & Mai remix of Francis Xavier’s “Dream:Time”

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