Q&A: Phoenix’s G-House Producer Bijou Opens Up About His Career


Guest article by Chance Dingman

Ben Dorman, known to most as Bijou, has been the leader of the G-House movement in Phoenix and is currently on a 15-stop United States tour titled after his hit single, “Guru”. Coming off of a big year in 2016, he looks forward to expanding on the already impressive impact that he has left on the growing dance music scene in his hometown of Phoenix, as well as reaching new fans across the United States and beyond.

With releases on Night Bass, Fool’s Gold, and Prep School Recordings, as well as a hit collaboration with Dr. Fresch, “Hello,” which has received support from AC Slater, Destructo, Don Diablo, Drezo, Malaa, Party Favor, and Wax Motif, Bijou is one of the up-and-coming artists that is doing big things with regards to introducing layers of musical depth to fans of more mainstream dance music sounds.

6AM had the chance to sit down with Bijou in Hollywood as he prepared for his Los Angeles stop of the tour at Avalon.

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15 Years In The Making: LOOPTOPIA – Taiwan’s First Homegrown EDM Festival


Taiwan is making a serious debut in the electronic dance music scene this year with the launch of Looptopia, the first ever homegrown multi-day and stage dance music festival. It will be a two-day event and it will feature more than 50 top DJs and entertainers from all over the world.

theLoop, the organizing promoters responsible for this marvelous event, made sure to create a festival haven for all dance music fans. With three eye-catching performance areas, interactive art installations, camping sites with cabins, showers and amenities, LOOPTOPIA is an EDM fantasyland jam-packed with loads of surprises.

The festivity will be held in the lush grasslands of Taoyuan Pushin Ranch from 12:00 noon of April 8th until 10:00 pm the following day. Its venue is surrounded by trees and a nearby lake — perfect for a day and night of relaxation and enjoyment. Enjoy a two-day music getaway from the busy streets of Taiwan courtesy of theLoop.

For accommodations, Looptopia has on-site camping which will be available to all festival goers. Limited cabins will also be available for hire. For attendees who wish to stay in hotels, Looptopia will also be offering packages with partner and nearby hotels. All information regarding accommodations will be announced soon. Frequently check their website or Facebook page for updates.


Moreover, shuttle busses between the Taoyuan Pushin Ranch and Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall MRT Station will also be available for your convenience. Tickets are $200 TWD and must be purchased separately for journeys in both directions. Kindly refer to the ticketing website for the schedule and rules of purchase.

With regards to music, theLoop has confirmed Looptopia’s Phase I lineup through their official festival Facebook page. It’s a well-chosen list of  some of the industry’s best talents and world-renowned DJs. Here is the partial list of the amazing DJ selection that will be on decks for the debut of Looptopia:

  • Aly & Fila
  • Ben Nicky
  • Brennan Heart
  • Charming Horses
  • Dante Klein
  • Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike
  • Dirtcaps
  • Dyro
  • GTA
  • Kris Kross Amsterdam
  • Martin Garrix
  • Mark Sixma
  • Markus Schultz
  • Mattn
  • Orjan Nilsen
  • Tony Junior
  • Wildstylez
  • Wiwek
  • Yellow Claw

So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of Taiwan’s EDM history! Camp, have fun, and enjoy outdoor barbecue while listening to your favorite DJs play. Buy your tickets now!


Connect with Looptopia: Official Website | Instagram | Facebook | 0966-136-000

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Watch Ricardo Villalobos Perform Inside Berghain’s Panorama Bar


It is hard if not practically impossible to find quality video or photo footage from inside Berghain/Panorama Bar. Upon entry to the famed Berlin techno institution patrons get their phone cameras blocked off by stickers and they are strictly prohibited from taking videos or pictures or risk getting kicked out at best, although it’s hard to know what really happens if the bouncers catch you sneaking footage of any kind.

Now a 2009 documentary video has surfaced, depicting Ricardo Villalobos performing inside the upstairs Panorama Bar in 2008. The documentary series is entitled “24h Berlin: Ein Tag Im Leben”, which translates to “A Day In The Life” and follows Villalobos from his studio where he is working on music to his DJ set inside Berghain/Panorama Bar.

While the video is understandably meagre as far as satisfying the craving of knowing what the true Berghain/Panorama Bar experience really looks like, it still provides an insight you might not see anywhere else.

Watch the 36 minute documentary below. English-only speakers beware, the audio is in German and there’s no subtitles.

Ricardo Villalobos DOKU 24h Berlin by SabineMcmurray

Q&A and Global Vibe Radio Episode 045 feat. J. Worra


The 45th edition of 6AM’s Global Vibe Radio comes courtesy of Jamie Sitter aka J. Worra, a Chicago born-and-bred producer and DJ that now calls Los Angeles home.

J.Worra has had tracks come out on labels such as Perfect Driver, Sweat It Out!, Sleazy G and Audiophile XXL, while her track “Baby’s Corner” made the cut for Golf Clap’s massive Country Club Disco compilation. In September of 2016 DJ Mag recognized her as a bubbling act to keep an eye (and ear) out for in 2017.

Enjoy her one-hour mix for 6AM and check out our interview with her below:

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5 Essential Tunes with Dennis Cruz

“”5 Essential Tunes with…” is a feature on 6AM that explores underground dance music artist’s current favorite tracks, in an effort to showcase the best productions currently making the rounds in the world of techno, house, tech house and deep house.”

Dennis Cruz had a spectacular 2016 that saw him top of the charts thanks to a flurry of successful releases on labels like Suara, Stereo Recordings, Solid Grooves, Lemon-Aid, Snatch! and Suruba X amongst many others. For his work he has picked up many awards and nominations from being Beatport’s 3rd Best Tech House Artist to Resident Advisor’s 2nd Most Charted Artist of 2016.

Always serving up dancing dynamite, it is no wonder he has found favor with big hitters like Jamie Jones and Pan-Pot, Roger Sanchez and Marco Carola, all of whom reach for his tunes when they need to make an impact. Dennis began his 2017 with gigs at BPM Festival and is set to travel to Argentina for a mini-tour next months.

6AM had a chat with Dennis to discover what his favorite 5 tracks of the moment are:
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Carl Cox Announces Shows at Privilege Ibiza


If you thought the Carl Cox era in Ibiza was over you were definitely mistaken!

The iconic producer may have ended his Music Is Revolution residency by timing it with Space Ibiza’s closure last summer, but his parties on the island are far from over. Although we had already reported on Carl’s plans to play guest sets at several parties throughout the island, such as Circoloco at DC-10 or for his friend Marco Carola’s Music On series, he has now announced two PURE CARL COX events at Privilege Ibiza.

Carl Cox will be back for a series of special shows under the PURE CARL COX banner, starting on Tuesday 11th and Tuesday 18th July. Carl himself talked about the upcoming shows, “I’m really looking forward to getting back to Ibiza and to kicking off these special events with my awesome team from Space, Dave Browning, Eóin Smyth and the Game Over crew, and boy, have we got some parties lined up for you this year.  Starting with two parties at Privilege, I will be bringing my PURE festival vibes from Australia to the Main Room with a full techno and house line up. I cannot wait to rock this club. See you on the dancefloor… Carl :-)”

Carl Cox4 web

Privilege, recognized by the Guinness book of records as the biggest club in the world, was the natural choice as our new home after the sadness over the closing of Space subsided. Having housed many legendary events over the past 20 years, Privilege is going through a full re-fit including a Funktion One sound-system update that promises to make it one of the best in the World.  The club boasts a main room of epic proportions and plenty of other rooms to sample so they are perfectly primed for the return of the ‘King Of Ibiza’.

Sign up now for limited early bird tickets at €30.00
Early bird ticket Sign Up link:
TUESDAY 11th JULYcarlcox1107.tibbaa.com
TUESDAY 18th JULYcarlcox1807.tibbaa.com

Connect with Carl Cox: Online | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Connect with Pure Carl Cox: Facebook

Opinion: What Trump’s Divisive Policies Mean to the Dance Music Community


Despite officials of other major cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City and Chicago publicly announcing that they will remain sanctuary cities, Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez has ordered county jails to comply with federal immigration detention requests in fear of a loss of millions of dollars from federal funding. This is effectively erasing the county’s position as a “sanctuary” for immigrants in the country illegally, a response to an executive order signed Wednesday by President Donald Trump that threatened to cut federal grants for any counties or cities that don’t cooperate fully with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“In light of the provisions of the Executive Order, I direct you and your staff to honor all immigration detainer requests received from the Department of Homeland Security,” stated Gimenez’s three-paragraph memo address to the interim director of the corrections and rehabilitation department.

While Miami never accepted the label of “sanctuary city,” it has continued to act like one by refusing to indefinitely detain inmates who are in the country illegally and wanted by ICE since 2013. Now, however, the county does not want to lose its federal funding and is changing its stance on the matter, even though Miami-Dade county officials have insisted that their policy was not one dictated by principle but rather simply because the federal government doesn’t reimburse for the expenses.

via Office of the County Mayor

via Office of the County Mayor

“I want to make sure we don’t put in jeopardy the millions of funds we get from the federal government for a $52,000 issue,” said Gimenez. “It doesn’t mean that we’re going to be arresting more people. It doesn’t mean that we’re going to be enforcing any immigration laws.” Trump’s response came, of course, via Twitter.

Howard Simon, executive director of the Florida chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, went on record to speak against Gimenez’s move, claiming that it “flies in the face of Miami’s long history as a city of immigrants” and predicting it will “drive a wedge of distrust between law enforcement and our immigrant community.”

But what does this mean for the dance music community of one of the country’s most vibrant cities, and for the countless thousands who land in Miami for major annual dance music events the likes of Miami Music Week, Winter Music Conference, Ultra Music Festival, iii Points, Art Basel and more?

The cornerstones of dance music are ones of undeniable inclusiveness and pervasive acceptance. A first descendent of disco, house music found its beginnings in Chicago, thanks to the iconic parties that featured the music of pioneers such as Frankie Knuckles, Leonard Remix RRoy, Chip E and of course Farley “Jackmaster” Funk. There is absolutely no doubt that spiritually and aesthetically house music, and by default all dance music that came later, developed in the U.S. out of the need of oppressed people, African Americans, gays and Latinos, to build a community through dance. The same was true later in the UK, when the need of young people dissatisfied with the meaningless materialism of Thatcher’s England to build an alternative community of music gave birth to the Acid House movement there. The aim was to unify people of all races, backgrounds and sexual orientations, not to divide.

And now, a week since Donald Trump has taken the oath of office, we are seeing an America that is as divided as ever, with Miami going against current as the first major city and dance music hub to comply to Trump’s threat with regard to “sanctuary cities”. Miami has long been a city built by immigrants, and immigrants have for decades played a fundamental role in shaping the city’s culture into what it is today. Statistically speaking, Miami-Dade is a county where more than half of the population is foreign born, and it is safe to assume that the same can be said of the dance music community that resides there.

Then there’s the case of the visitors that roll into the city annually for the aforementioned major music events. As things stand now, with Mayor Gimenez unable to find any sort of backbone to stand up to the Trump administration for more than a single day before rolling over, if you’re in the city because you either live there or are in town for a festival, you are no longer offered sanctuary protection. If arrested and wanted by the feds for immigration-related purposes, you will face deportation or long, indefinite stints in detention centers under Trump’s new plan.

More broadly, however, there is no denying that Trump’s executive order and general rhetoric goes against the very fabric of dance music culture. The city’s new policy is hurting the dance music community rather than listening to the people of Miami and to those who come to the city every year to celebrate diversity. In Chicago, Mayor Rahm Emanuel declared: “I want to be clear: We’re going to stay a sanctuary city. There is no stranger among us. Whether you’re from Poland or Pakistan, whether you’re from Ireland or India or Israel and whether you’re from Mexico or Moldova, where my grandfather came from, you are welcome in Chicago as you pursue the American dream.” 

“We’re going to defend all of our people regardless of where they come from, regardless of their immigration status,” Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York said at a news conference with other city officials. But perhaps no official went as far as Boston’s mayor, Martin J. Walsh. “To anyone who feels threatened today, or vulnerable, you are safe in Boston,” Mr. Walsh said at a news conference. “We will do everything lawful in our powerful to protect you. If necessary, we will use City Hall itself to shelter and protect anyone who’s targeted unjustly.”

The same cannot be said of Miami now that it has effectively turned its back on the very same immigrant population that had always been considered to be the backbone of the city. It’s perhaps a little too early to predict how the immigrant community in the city will respond, and certainly it’s hard to know how the dance music community that calls Miami home will react to the events transpired just yesterday.

On Saturday January 21st, the day after Trump’s inauguration, millions across the United States and the world took to the streets to participate in the Women’s March, a worldwide protest in support of women’s rights and other causes including immigration reform, health care reform, protection of the natural environment, LGBTQ rights, racial justice, freedom of religion, and workers’ rights. Discwoman, a New York-based platform, collective, and booking agency representing and showcasing cis women, trans women and genderqueer talent in electronic music, took part in the march with a clear message for Trump: the techno community will be fighting against his divisive agenda.


As a member of the dance music community I cannot help but find myself at odds with Trump’s divisive immigration policy, including his absurd plan to build a wall on the Mexican-U.S. border, the constant “alternative promises” he is making that Mexico will be paying for it, and his attempts to coerce sanctuary cities into turning in immigrants under the threat of vital federal funding being pulled in case of non-compliance.

Q&A: Pär Grindvik Talks Life in Berlin, his Berghain Routine and more


One of Berghain’s more frequent acts is a Swedish producer, DJ, label-head and father of three children named Pär Grindvik. Now a resident of Berlin, Pär has been a pivotal figure of his home country’s electronic and techno scene since the mid-’90s, with acclaimed releases on a string of widely-popular labels such as Drumcode, Semantica, Marbacka, Sinister, Dystopian and of course his very own Stockholm LTD.

Pär launched the label in 2002, originally intended as an outlet for Swedish artists to release singles and EPs. While the imprint’s repertoire has since expanded, the focus has remained on quality and timeless electronic productions. 2016 saw the producer release his first LP on the label, Isle of Real, to great reception from industry peers and fans alike, while so far this year he has already played gigs in Germany, South Korea and China, with a visit to Stereo Montreal in the cards for the 24th of February.

We talked with Pär to discuss his life in Berlin, routine for Berghain gigs and more.

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100 Reasons You Should Attend DGTL Amsterdam 2017


Located at the NDSM Docklands in Amsterdam, DGTL Amsterdam is returning in 2017 with the intention of delivering its biggest and best festival experience to date.

This will the the festival’s 5th outing in the Dutch city, with another edition held in Barcelona and smaller events launched in both cities during festival weekends such as ADE and Open Air Barcelona. Like previous years, DGTL curates a line-up of cutting-edge electronic music, conceptual art performances & installations. All with a strong focus on innovation and sustainability.

There are 100 reasons, however, why you should join 6AM in attending DGTL Amsterdam this coming April 14th, 15th and 16th:

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“Come On, Helmets? They Need To Grow Up”: Trump’s Press Secretary Tweeted About Daft Punk

Spicer Daft Punk

It’s been an interesting week in politics, there’s no denying that. Not even a week has passed since Donald Trump took control of the United States executive branch and the media is having a field day.

Despite winning the electoral college vote and thus the presidency, Trump seems to be putting his personal ego on the line once again. To begin, he ordered his White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer to turn his first official press conference into a targeted attach on the media for reporting of a sparse crowd during Trump’s inauguration last Friday. That is to say that Spicer’s first ever press conference as Trump’s White House Press Secretary, and thus Trump’s first order of business for him, was to address the attendance numbers (or lack thereof) during the inauguration, something he did by blatantly lying when he referred to the gathering as “the largest audience ever to witness an inauguration, period”, a statement that has been proven to be categorically false.

Spicer didn’t stop there. He took to the press conference lantern again this week to deliver another strange address, this time affirming that President Trump is a firm believer that he lost the popular vote in the election due to a rigged system that allowed millions of undocumented immigrants to vote for his rival, Hillary Clinton. Spicer confirmed that this is Trump’s belief, stating that it “has been a longstanding belief he has maintained. A concern that he has about voter fraud that’s based on information that’s been provided.” When asked about what that information is, Spicer declined to comment. After all how could he, when there’s absolutely no proof of such a thing?

Spicer’s string of interesting unpopular public opinion doesn’t stop there, and goes on to touch the world of dance music. In 2014 he took to Twitter to attack Daft Punk during their Grammy performance with Stevie Wonder: “Daft Funk — this is your 10 seconds in the spotlight – u r blowing it”.

Despite claiming to be an early fan, Spicer apparently forgot that Daft Punk have been considered standout music producers for decades,with six Grammy wins throughout their career. He then went on to say they should “grow up” for wearing helmets during the performance, as you can see from the tweets below:




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