Hot Since 82 Is Latest Artist to Suffer From Tinnitus

Hot since 82 live

It is always sad when we report news of a DJ and/or producer suffering from tinnitus or hearing loss.

The latest well-known artist to be afflicted from this hearing problem is Daley Padley, aka Hot Since 82, who took to his twitter to tell his fans that he now has tinnitus in both ears, going a step further by advising that people use ear plugs when raving.



Just as Daley advised, we not only suggest you wear ear plugs when attending any festival, show or club night, but implore you to do so. We often take our ability to hear for granted, and assume that we want to hear music louder and louder without noticing that little by little our ears are getting damaged to the point that music feels incrementally softer. As you can imagine the problem becomes a perpetual catch 22 where you’re likely refusing to wear ear plugs because you want louder music, ultimately risking tinnitus and permanent hearing loss.

Using ear plugs actually does prevent hearing loss, as As documented by a study conducted in the Netherlands. Dr. Wilko Grolman of the University Medical Center Utrecht, and his colleagues conducted a simple test to look into whether hearing protection is in fact effective, enlisting the help of 51 people with tickets to an outdoor music festival in Amsterdam. 25 of the festival goers, average age of 27, were assigned to wear ear plugs, while the remaining 26 didn’t wear any. All 51 then headed to the festival where they listened to music for approximately 4.5 hours. Meantime, the study’s researchers set up their audio instruments to gauge sound levels at the festival and to measure temporary threshold shift or TTS, a measure of the change in decibel level at which you are able to hear, in the participants after the concert ended.

As reported on via Medical Daily, “the researchers calculated sound pressure levels experienced by the participants was 100 dBA when averaged out over the length of the festival. They also discovered 8 percent in the earplug group experienced a TTS compared to 42 percent in the unprotected group. Also, a lower percentage of earplug wearers complained of tinnitus (12 percent vs 40 percent among the unprotected concert goers).”

“The general willingness to use earplugs in music venues by attendees is low,” stated the study, blaming both lack of knowledge and awareness as well as scarce availability as the reason for this.”

Moral of the story? Wear ear plugs — we recommend customs but at the minimum invest $10 on hi-fidelity ear protection, it is worth it! We wish Daley the best in combatting his tinnitus and hope none of our readers ever face the same problem.

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Why and How You Should Help an Intoxicated Person at a Party or Festival


If you’re attending a festival, show at a venue or going to a nightclub, chances are that you and your friends will be drinking alcohol at some point during the night. While it is important that someone in your group remain sober if you’re driving to the party, it is also likely that you will be surrounded by friends and strangers who will inevitably consume too much alcohol and become drunk as a result.

By the time someone has become noticeably intoxicated, the alcohol has left their stomach and is being absorbed through the walls of the lower intestine, meaning that they are beyond the point of return. With more than six people dying daily in the U.S. from alcohol poisoning — a total of 2,200 a year a helping hand is always necessary. It’s important that we not only look out for our immediate friends, but also for any strangers that are at the same party or venue. We are all in it for the music and a thriving dance music scene relies heavily on the spirit of love, respect and camaraderie. It can be the difference between life and death.

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Listen to Global Vibe Radio 043 ft. Alex Font


For the latest and forty-third edition of 6AM’s Global Vibe Radio we present you an exclusive studio mix courtesy of Valencia-based artist Alex Font.

Alex Font is a musician, producer and DJ, with a style heavily based on classical music, funk, jazz, flamenco, latin and techno-dub. He refers to his principal genre as “The Real House”, a fruit of music evolution that first began more than twelve years ago when he bought his first records and began deejaying at small clubs in Valencia, Spain.

Alex is strongly influenced by the cities of London (where he lived three years and continuously keeps visiting), Berlin and Ibiza, as well as by the the classic house sounds of the main house music schools of New York, Chicago and Detroit, mixing it with a touch of latin, jazz and sounds coming from techno-dub.

Alex is also the founder of his own record label called acmé, which he has introduced to the world with a string of four highly successful EPs featuring himself and more recently Romanian producer Sepp.

Enjoy this exclusive one-hour mix from Alex Font:

Connect with Alex Font: Online | Facebook | Twitter | InstagramSoundCloud

Listen to This Playlist Containing Every Essential Mix of 2016


Despite its ups and downs, 2016 was a phenomenal year for dance music, and in particular for the quality of Essential Mixes released on Pete Tong’s BBC Radio 1 show.

Midland’s two-hour Essential Mix was crowned as Essential Mix of the Year, an honor that in the past was bestowed to artists such as Ben Klock (2015), Caribous (2014), Eric Prydz (2013 and 2012) and Nicolas Jaar (2011). The rest of the bunch were up there too though, including spectacular renditions from the likes of Âme b2b Dixon, The Chemical Brothers, Seth Troxler, Richie Hawtin and Rødhåd just to name a few. There is absolutely no doubt that house, techno and the more underground side of dance music commanded the vast majority of Essential Mixes this year, with EDM and its off-shoots receiving less than 10 airplays throughout the year.

We have compiled a special playlist of all Essential Mixes released in 2016 for your enjoyment. As three of them were not available on SoundCloud we included their separate embedded players below also. Enjoy!

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Marcel Dettmann Releases Free 2016 Edit of “Lattice”

Lattice Marcel Dettmann

German techno producer Marcel Dettmann has given his 2008 classic “Lattice” track an updated edit this year, and has nowr eleased it for free to his fans via his official website.

The new version of “Lattice,” originally released on MDR04, is available for stream here. Just click here to download the MP3. This download will be available until January 3rd 2017.

Listen to the original below:

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Clubbers In The UK Offered Free Booths To Test Cocaine and MDMA


In the world of nightlife it’s easy, in fact almost unavoidable, to be in contact with alcohol and drugs. The truth is that in the music industry drugs are very rampant, and Zero Tolerance policies haven’t prevented the distribution of substances that range from the “safest”, such as marijuana, to the “more dangerous” like cocaine, MDMA (more commonly known as molly or ecstasy), speed and many more.

Recent studies have pointed to the importance of safety and education when combatting the drug problems with today’s society, and in particular our youth. This has urged non-for-profits, other organizations, festivals and clubs to advocate for drug testing before consumption, going as far as working to establish drug-testing stations at festivals and venues for patrons to test their drugs safely before consuming them.

In the latest such story, the police department of Preston, Lancashire UK is now offering clubbers free booths to test Cocaine and MDMA.

The concern over the spread of Class A drugs has risen latest, prompting the police in Preston to come up with an idea of offering free booths  for clubbers to test cocaine and MDMA that they are about to take as a part of their New Year party plans. These drug booths will help clubbers or party-goers determine whether their drug in hand is adulterated, contaminated, highly-potent, or fatal.

According to the Mirror: “Preston, Lancashire, is said to be the first town in Britain to offer the drug-checking service when it begins on weekends in the new year..”

High doses of cocaine can cause the brain to eat itself, research suggests.

Are These Test Booths Beneficial Or Injurious?

These free booths to test Cocaine and MDMA, like any other plans, have supporters and critics. For example, Professor Fiona Measham of Durham University’s Criminology Department and Co-Director of Loop which is a non-profit company that will run the service says, “It’s a very new service and some people might see it as quite radical, but it’s focusing on harm reduction.” On the other hand, Professor Neil McKeganey who is the founder of the Centre for Substance Use Research at Glasgow University states: “I am staggered this is being contemplated, the police are advocating a view which one would not unfairly describe as facilitating drug use. By implication the green light has been given by the authorities to consumption. It’s hard to see how this isn’t an absolute breach of our current drugs laws.”

More recently, a UK Police Chief weighed in on the debate surrounding drug testing, “We, of course, are very concerned about keeping people safe as much as possible. For me, some form of testing may well be a really useful and practical way forward. I know it’s been tried out in a couple of sites at festivals in the UK in conjunction with local police forces. But we’re not in the position where we can endorse that yet.”

The Secret Garden Party last year was one of the UK festivals that enacted a drug testing initiative to fantastic results: 200 people used the tests available to them, with roughly 80 substances of concern found including super-strength ecstasy pills, several amounts of dicey MDMA and ketamine.

Various kinds of MDMA or better known as "Molly" and "Ecstasy"

Police gave an assurance that users will not be required to give their names. Moreover, this service will make use of a sophisticated laser equipment that detects the drug contents in minutes. They claim it is only a practical response to the rising drug problems in clubs and these free booths to test Cocaine and MDMA neither encourages nor condone the use of any illegal substances.

What about you? What’s your take on the issue? Do you think these test booths for Cocaine and MDMA are harmful or helpful? Send us a tweet with your opinion!

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Space Ibiza Set to Reopen in 2017 With Same Name But More Exclusivity

Carl Cox and Nic Fanciulli crown Pepe Rosello as the true king of Ibiza's nightlife during the last minutes of the club's Closing Fiesta 2016

Carl Cox and Nic Fanciulli crown Pepe Rosello as the true king of Ibiza’s nightlife during the last minutes of the club’s Closing Fiesta 2016

You would have been forgiven for thinking that 2016 marked the end of Space Ibiza as we knew it. Everything that we heard from Pepe Rosello, Space Ibiza’s former owner, Carl Cox and the Matutes family that own Ushuaïa Group and acquired the property seemed to point to a complete revamp and brand change. In fact in a specific interview Carl Cox, long-time resident at the club and personal friend of Rosello, indicated that the Rosello’s plan was to open a new club elsewhere on the island by 2018, thus keeping the dream alive of a Space Ibiza that still focused on music and less on the VIP lifestyle that is unfortunately permeating the island. Rumors even begun to surface of the exact location where this would be, the site now occupied by the Reco de Sol Hotel in San Antonio.

Yet, Periodico de Ibiza is now reporting that “businessman and former politician veteran Ibizan Abel Matutes Juan announced last night that the legendary Space Ibiza will keep its original nomenclature, while studying add a second name to link the venue to other franchises chain Such as Ushuaïa Ibiza Beach Club or Hard Rock Ibiza.”

“It will surely open this year as Space. It is an accredited brand, which does not prevent us from adding a new name that links us with all the establishments we have,” said the former minister in the interview broadcast by local television Grupo Prensa Pitiusa. Moreover, Matutes went on to clarify that his company built Space Ibiza, explaining the long history that brought the club into Rosello’s hands, stating that “his business group built the discotheque located on the second line of Platja d’en Bossa and that after ‘five or six years’ of exploitation, and for his commitment to the hotel offer, decided to rent it to Pepe Rosello, who has run the premises since 1989.”

Matutes went on to confirm most of the rumors in circulation, stating that there are plans to convert the space into a more exclusive, luxurious club that cater to more “exclusive tourism.”

Watch the “27 Years of Ibiza” Documentary.

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Construction Begins on Detroit’s Packard Plant That Will Feature a Techno Club Headed by Tresor Berlin Owner

Packard Plant Outside

Earlier in summer 2016 we reported that Tresor Berlin’s owner Dimitri Hegemann was eyeing the abandoned Packard Plant in Detroit as the possible site for a new techno club.

At the time, news specified that the project would take as long as 10-15 years to complete, and that the techno club construction was was part of a fourth and final phase that also included a hostel and spa. As of today, the club portion of the construction plan should begin in 2018. The other phases include an administration building, a recreation building and an artist studio building. See below for an outline of the planned project.


Packard Plant Phase

Work on the factory has now begun officially, as reported on the Packard Plant Project official website, “work has begun and Qualified Teams are on the ground.”

Enjoy some before shots of the administration building below.

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How To Become A Resident DJ: Tips & Tricks by Jack Wins


The following guest post comes from Jack Wins. He served his DJ apprenticeship at some of London’s key venues, leading him to become a resident at the bigger clubs and building a huge following along the way. 

Let me first say that there is no quick and easy way to become a resident at a club night. Also there is no set way to do it. Below are just 5 tips based on my own experience – tips I hope will help you become a resident at the club or venue of your choice.

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Music Monday: Yoshitoshi Best of 2016 and Best of Classic Remixes Compilations

This Monday we bring you the yearly traditional appointment with Yoshitoshi’s “Best of” compilations, sampled to you via two Minimixes uploaded to SoundCloud.

First up, the label released their Best of Classics Remixes compilation in celebration of 20 years of Yoshitoshi. It must have not been an easy feat to sift through two decades of brilliant releases to narrow down the 10 that would make the cut, but a quick glance at the chosen tracks leaves no doubt as to the high-quality selection process taken by the team at Yoshitoshi. The finished work includes remixes from Nicole Moudaber, Matador, Ambivalent, Paul Ritch and of course Sharam himself, all of which are sampled in the below Minimix on SoundCloud and available for order on Beatport and iTunes.

But that wasn’t all for Yoshitoshi last week, as Sharam’s esteemed imprint set out to release their Best of 2016 short-list. There is no question that the label released some of the hottest house records of the year, including Anthony Attalla’s “F1” and Rony Seikaly’s “The Sword”, both of which we premiered exclusively on 6AM. Other notable tracks on the compilation are Trent Cantrelle’s “Blade” featuring Cari Golden, Vanished’s “Say What” and several releases from label boss Sharam himself. You can pre-order the 17-track compilation, which will be released alongside a continuous DJ mix of all tracks on December 30th, on Beatport.

Read back on our interview with Sharam for our Humble Beginnings series, where he explored his origins in dance music and the journey he has taken to establish his label in the international dance music industry.

Connect with Yoshitoshi Recordings: Online | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Beatport

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