John Digweed Announces Re:Structured on Bedrock Records

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John Digweed is moving forward from Structures One and Two, released in 2010 and 2011 respectively, and is encapsulating the essence of Bedrock Records and its influence on the musical fabric with the eagerly awaited release of Re:Structured. Bedrock Music has been at the forefront of electronic music since its inception in 1991, with John Digweed and Nick Muir manning the imprint. Re:Structured is a celebratory compilation spanning thirty-five tracks, of which twenty-one are exclusive. The package includes three CDs and an exclusive DVD. Read more

DJ Tennis, Fort Romeau, and Four Tet play Further Future 2016 in Phase 2 Lineup

Robot_Heart_Burning_Man_Art_Cars_2014_Galen_OakesLast month, Further Future announced its Phase 1 lineup for its second festival, which will take place in the spring of 2016. The Phase 1 lineup included big names like Derrick Carter, Dixon, and Matt Tolfrey. Today the second part of the lineup has been announced, and everything you know about desert parties and music has pretty much gone out the window into another realm of existence. Read more

We Go Hardest at Hard Day of the Dead 2015


For one, I think I should be the poster child for Hard’s “We go HARD” campaign. Hard Day of the Dead 2015 wasn’t just two days of dancing at a festival, it was complete and utter nonsensical raging to banging electronic music across the board. While the crowd is less than ideal, it’s the insane lineup and variety that keeps bringing me back for the sake of music. Read more

Ableton Drops Massive Update – Live 9.5 , Push 2, Link


Ableton users, we have a special treat in store for you guys. The Berlin-based firm has just dropped a massive update to their array of products with Live 9.5, Push 2, and the forthcoming Link.

ableton simpler

Live 9.5

First and foremost, Live 9.5 comes with a complete overhaul of the already-powerful Simpler, including a new interface, warping and slicing capabilities, and new analog-modeled filters. These filters, developed by Cytomic, feature classic analog functions such as self-resonance, and also be incorporated into Sampler, Operator, and Auto Filter.

Additionally, we find three new Max for Live instruments: Bass is a gritty monosynth designed for, well, you guessed it… bass. Poli, on the other hand, is a polyphonic synth that really shines at stabs, pads, and strings. Finally, Multi is a synth created for real-time modulation via push.

ableton push 2 angled

Push 2

Arguably the most exciting of the new releases is Push 2, an updated version of their enormously popular Push controller. No longer co-developed with Akai, the new Push 2 takes music making with Ableton to a whole new level.

Push 2 features a larger, hi-res RGB screen, a bigger touchstrip with more LEDs, and more pad controls that are more responsive, smoother, and softer than before. If you have already purchased the original Push, don’t be too dismayed. Push owners can trade in their controller for up to a 30% discount on Push 2, and all used controllers will be donated to children’s educational programs, free of charge. Click here for more info on the trade-in program.

ableton link


Last, but certainly not least, is Link, a technology that allows Ableton users to wirelessly sync devices to play in real-time with your friends. Although Link is not yet available, Ableton has announced that it will be launching very soon as a free update for Live users.

For more info, check out Ableton: Official Site | Facebook | Twitter

Track of the Week: “Rebirth- Pure”


As it nears closer and closer to the end of the year, it’s important to take a step back and look at the past to acknowledge our roots, where we are in life, and why we are who we are as individuals today. When it comes to recollecting the past in a musical scope, there’s nothing more fun and nostalgic than to dig through old audio files, records, and tapes to find gems that helped shape and define the musical taste you have today.

Long before the incorporation of House and Techno music into big mainstream clubs, ravers in California would throw on their rave gear, parachute pants, and Vicks smeared masks and head to the local desert’s to participate in some of the taboo and game changing parties that nothing in it’s time had ever seen before. Behind the dust of the dry desert wind and the sweaty bodies that huddled closely near the parties speakers, songs (like our track of the week) were being pounded out through the not so quiet desert landscapes.

“Rebirth- Pure” is a legendary track produced by West Coast Legend DJ Jason Blakemore (DJ Trance) and Oldschool Hardcore Techno produce Xpando. Although it was difficult to find any information about Xpando and where he sits today in the music world, it’s pretty obvious (especially if you live in California) that Jason Blakemore is still actively DJing and producing a variety of different sounds within the House/Techno genre.

This 1994 track will give you butterflies, make you pounce, and give you that mind melt acid techno feeling all within the span of 11 minutes. The great thing about this track is that there are different phases to the track and they all sound so different, but mold so perfectly. The fact that you can tell it is an older track produced on racks with actual equipment gives the song a rustic tone, and makes you appreciate it that much more.

With all that being said, just relax and blast to the past with this amazing track of the week.

Uner Launches New Label and US Tour

uner face

UNER is a techno veteran who needs no introduction. He had an amazing run this summer, performing at top Ibiza clubs such as DC10, Space, Sankeys, and a residency at ANTS (Ushuaia). In addition making waves in Ibiza, UNER performed his second Boiler Room set (Berlin 2014, Barcelona 2015) and debuted a new live music project which blends DJ performances with live instrumentation. He has also toured extensively this year, including a massive US tour and unforgettable performances at Rock In Rio (Vegas) and Burning Man.

uner liveAlthough 2015 has been an amazing year for the Spanish producer, he has some big moves lined up that show us the year is far from over. November will see another North American tour, which kicks off in Chicago on the 6th. The tour will feature 5 shows, also including Los Angeles, Miami, Dominican Republic, and a secret location TBA. The announcement coincides nicely with the launch of his new, highly anticipated label, Solar Distance. UNER will begin the endeavor on November 16th with Return & Rebirth, his own 4-track EP that was inspired by deeper and more harmonically intricate musical styles. Solar Distance will definitely be a name to keep an eye out for in the future as they continue to push the boundaries of techno as we know it.

Don’t miss your chance to see UNER drop some new tracks from the EP

Friday 6th November – Primary, Chicago
Saturday 7th Novmeber – Le Jardin, Los Angeles
Friday 13th November – Heart, Miami
Saturday 14th November – Barbete Beach, Punta Cana
Sunday 15th November – Special Event TBA

UNER: Facebook | Soundcloud | Resident Advisor | Beatport

North American Tour SD UNER



Maya Jane Coles Returns as Nocturnal Sunshine with “It’s Alright”


Renowned audio engineer and enigmatic producer Maya Jane Coles has been testing the waters over the summer with a renewed alias called Nocturnal Sunshine. Nocturnal Sunshine is another facet of Maya Jane Coles’ history of musical exploration, from her beginnings in deep house with House of Om to her current high standing in the scene with darker, complex forms of industrial techno and house. With Nocturnal Sunshine, Maya incorporates the raw sounds of 90s UK dubstep with the heavier dub side of techno to produce sensual remixes and original tunes. Read more

hard/escape crack down

Police Crack Down At HARD and Escape, 500 Arrested

hard arrest

This Halloween was a sad weekend for electronic music; police cracked down at HARD Day of the Dead and Escapse: Psycho Circus, two of LA’s biggest annual events. Almost 500 individuals were arrested between the two-day festivals, primarily for drug posession, public intoxication, and using fake ID’s.

hard dotd live

This marks the beginning of a dark time for our culture, which has begun to attract tremendous scrutiny from authorities and concerned parents. As events continue to be raided and/or cancelled, we strongly urge you to be careful and always party responsibly. Luckily, there were no drug-related fatalities reported, a problem that has led to severe consequences for a number of promoters.

hard and escape crackdown