Minimal Effort Announces NYD Recovery Party and Full NYE Lineup

Minimal Effort Recovery Party Cover

Minimal Effort, the beloved quarterly celebration of LA’s underground scene, has just announced the full lineup for their upcoming New Year’s party at the legendary Belasco Theater in downtown LA. The New Years Eve festivities will continue as it will be accompanied by the Minimal Effort New Year’s Day Recovery party, which is… exactly what it sounds like. The Recovery party will feature world-class DJ’s and sets from Carl Craig, Audiofly, and Dance Spirit (live) to start 2016 off on a strong foot.


The Lights Down Low collective (SF) will also be hosting a room at the New Year’s Eve shindig, and bringing artists such as Silent Servant, Black Asteroid, and Adra. In the other three rooms, you will find some of LA’s best talent, with the likes of Tara Brooks, Jeniluv, Whitney Fierce, JIA, Human Resources, and Lee K, joined by a lineup of international talent including Danny Daze, Jimmy Edgar, J. Phlip, Marquez Wyatt, H.O.S.H., Fur Coat, and more. Last year’s event was spectacular, and from the looks of it, they are going above and beyond this year. Minimal Effort never disappoints, and this New Year’s Eve will be no exception.

Tickets to Minimal Effort New Year’s Eve include admission to the Recovery event on Jan. 1, subject to capacity.

Minimal effort: Facebook | Twitter | Tickets | RSVP (NYE) | RSVP (NYD)

Minimal Effort NYE

Minimal Effort New Year’s Eve Full Lineup

Jimmy Edgar & Danny Daze
Human Resources

Marques Wyatt
Lee K

Fur Coat
Louie Fresco
Tara Brooks
Whitney Fierce

Lights Down Low:
Black Asteroid
Silent Servant
Corey Sizemore
Richie Panic

Minimal Effort Recovery Party NYD Lineup

Carl Craig
Dance Spirit (live)



Watch the Trailer for ‘The Art Of The DJ’ Featuring Steve Lawler


Steve Lawler, one of dance music’s most tenacious innovators, is the subject of a fascinating new documentary on electronic music culture, titled The Art Of The DJ. Running at 80 minutes, the biopic chronicles the ups and down’s of the British DJ/producer’s career, and includes guest appearances from Danny Whittle, Carl Cox, and more. The director, Piers Sanderson, was also responsible for the 2010 High On Hope, which examined acid house and the rave scene’s rise and fall in the UK. The Art Of The DJ is focussed on dance music’s trajectory into the future, examining Lawler’s success to extrapolate beyond the transition from underground to mainstream. The film contains original footage from Steve Lawler’s early raving days, bouts with substance abuse, the pressure of fame and success, and his escapades in Ibiza.

The Art Of The DJ is now available in full. Watch the trailer below, and click here to purchase the film in its entirety.

Steve Lawler: Facebook | Soundcloud | Resident Advisor | Beatport



VH1’s Supersonic Festival Brings Techno to Goa, India

VH1 Festival Crowd

The VH1 Supersonic Festival hits Goa, India this December with a surprisingly heavy lineup of underground electronic music. Taking place December 27th through the 30th on one of the spectacular beaches of Goa, Supersonic Festival aims to provide a complete electronic music experience for the enthusiastic audience.

Headliners such as Axwell, Disclosure, and Nervo will undoubtedly attract the masses, but kudos to Supersonic for curating a well thought-out lineup of techno mainstays such as Drumcode power couple, Adam Beyer and Ida Engberg, India’s home-town hero, Arjun Vagale, as well as Joris Voorn, Nic Fanciulli, Luigi Madonna, Paul Ritch, and Bart Skils.

The three-day festival bash will be an exciting way for many to end 2015, and start the New Year on a memorable note.

For tickets and more information, visit the Supersonic Festival Official Website

VH1 Festival Flyer

Free Samples For Magical Layering

Layering, now ubiquitous in the electronic music scene (due to the introduction of computers in production), is one of the most critical steps in the production process. However, it is important to realize the limitations of layering. Firstly, it is important to choose samples that don’t clash with each other; be sure to keep pitch in mind (easy to transpose the samples to make them work), that the frequency content isn’t too similar, and that the sample start times line up (to avoid nasty phase cancellation). Layering can definitely be a tedious job, but you’re in luck today!

Read more

roland tr-rec logo

Thick Analog Tones From Roland’s New System-500

We first got wind of Roland’s System-1M modular synth at this year’s Musikmesse, and even saw some demo prototypes of the System5500, but we haven’t heard anything about the latter until now. Roland is notorious for slowly teasing us with details regarding upcoming gear releases, so it’s definitely been a long time coming. Based on the iconic System-100M, the brand new 500 series has received a major overhaul, fitting in a sleek and sexy Eurorack format. However, while the AIRA series (including TR-8 and System-100M) are digitally modelled on analog gear, the 500 series is, in fact, fully analog. For the initial launch, we’re looking at five modules, including the 512 dual VCO, 521 dual VCF, 530 dual VCA, 540 Envelope/LFO, and 572 Phase shifter/Delay/LFO. It’s a lot of gear, but the tones you can get from a proper analog modular system are truly unreal. Scroll down for detailed explanations of each module.


System-500 512

For starters, we have the 512 dual VCO; as the name tells us, consists of two voltage-controlled oscilators, each of which can be set to pulse, triangle, and sawtooth waveforms. Pulse width can be manipulated by panel control or even CV modulation. The oscillators’ frequencies can also be synced with each other in one of two modes (weak or strong) to acheive a classic ‘sync’ sound.

For full specs and more info, visit the 512 product page.


System-500 521

Second in the series is the 521 dual VCF module, featuring two separate low-pass filters, each with its own frequency cutoff and resonance controls. Each filter also includes a high-pass filter with a fixed frequency (although there are two switchable cutoff points)

For full specs and more info, visit the 521 product page.


System-500 530

The 530 dual VCA module handles the amplification in your signal chain; each amp mixes three audio sources, and each source has three CV controls available. Finally, the 530 has an enormously useful switch to select between linear and exponential response settings.

Amplification duties are taken care of with the 530 dual VCA module, with each amp mixing three audio signals and three CV controls for each signal. The 530 also features a selector switch for linear or exponential response modes.

For full specs and more info, visit the 530 product page.


System-500 540

The 540 is the next step in the signal chain, featuring a dual envelope generator and LFO, featuring two independent sets of ADSR controls. The sections can be triggered internally, externally, or even manually (separately for each envelope), and the output can even be inverted.

For full specs and more info, visit the 540 product page.


System-500 572

Last, but certainly not least, we arrive at the 572, which features a five-stage phase shifter, analog delay, a control voltage gate decay, and an LFO. The phase shifter includes frequency and resonance controls, and the delay section allows you to set the delay time and feedback. Both the delay and phase shifter allow for modulation via the internal LFO or even external CV signals. Finally, the unit features dry/wet controls, which can be controlled on the front panel, or, (you guessed it) CV control.

For full specs and more info, visit the 572 product page.


syr-e84_3_gal-650-80 system-500

SYR-E84 Eurorack Case

Now that we’ve gone over all five module units, it’s important to remember that we’re going to need a nice rack to put them in. Well, I suppose you could have them sprawled out across the room, but what fun is that? The best option seems to be the SYR-E84 Eurorack case, a rugged and portable rack with a high-current power supply. Although it’s truly perfect for mobile producers or live electronic music performers, we’re fairly certain that SYR-E84 find its way into the hands of producers of all ability levels.

From more information and full specifications on the SYR-E84 check out the product page.



Desert Hearts Brings Colorful Dusty Vibes with a City Hearts Winter Tour


Fresh off the press from their three year anniversary festival experience in the desert, the Desert Hearts crew has some plans brewing for a winter tour across thirteen dates, one of which will take place in Toronto, Canada. This will be the crew’s second round of metropolitan hopping featuring the core five plus special guests that will be announced deeper down the rabbit hole. Read more

Double the FOMO with Bloc’s Second Wave Lineup

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 10.55.50 AMFollowing up with their initial first wave lineup announcement last week, Bloc Weekend has truly shown for the interests of the techno underground in their exceptionally mind-bending second wave A-list of producers and DJs that will take over the decks in the spring. Read more

Oliver Heldens is Bringing Sizzling Bangers with a Winter Tour in Asia


With eight dates across seven countries, Oliver Heldens is jet set for Asia during the cold season for a huge tour over the span of eleven days. To kick off his tour, Oliver Heldens will be joined by dance music heavyweights like Armin Van Buuren and Axwell & Ingrosso at Bangkok’s Bitec on December 9, and he will conclude his tour by playing at India’s Enchanted Valley Carnival on December 18 and 19. Read more

Humble Beginnings with Chris Tietjen

Chris Tietjen 1

“When I turned 15 my mom asked me if she could introduce me to a good friend who is a really famous electronic DJ. I was open-minded so I said ‘sure why not…’”

That DJ happened to be none other than Sven Väth, and from that point on the path was clear for a young Chris Tietjen. Starting an internship with Cocoon when he was in 8th grade, Chris Tietjen learned the ins-and-outs of a dynamic industry and was exposed to experiences that would forever shape his musical career. Filling in for Sven Väth at an Ibiza after hours is certainly up there…

Like much of Europe at the time, dance culture in Frankfurt was thriving, and as a result the next wave of artists began to rise. Through his passionate dedication to the music and culture, and under the guidance of Cocoon, Chris Tietjen was well on his way to making an impact in the global dance community. To date, Chris Tietjen has a plethora of releases on Cocoon, and continues to add to his discography with great releases on labels such as Atrakt Recordings, Serkal, and Moan Records, all receiving major support and playability from every DJ worth their salt in the industry.

Chris recently took some time to catch up with us discussing everything from his early life and internship at Cocoon, to his Techno Parents, and why shopping for vinyl is like going to an authentic deli. Enjoy his recent mix for Electronic Groove, and read the full interview with 6AM Group below.  Read more

Damian Lazarus Prepares New EP with The Ancient Moons


You feel the warm sand beneath your bare feet as the floor vibrates with the pulsations of the track filing the empty air. Eyes closed, mind turned off, and body feeling just right, you open your eyes to a wide desert off mutant hippies everywhere and a large robot looking stage with a mysterious looking man at the center with a particularly large and sophisticated fedora topping his head. Feeling disoriented and alien, with the strangest hint of spiritual wealth, you realize this is a peculiar occurrence. Not only did you just go through a journey, you were taken through a journey by one of the best sonic-story tellers alive: Damian Lazarus.

Damian Lazarus is world renowned for many good reasons: He is the father of the legendary Crosstown Rebels record label, he’s held a residency at DC 10 Ibiza for almost ten years, and quite simply: his ability to curate intuitive and hearty music through his own productions and has harvesting the talents of many others (IE Jamie Jones, Art Department, Maceo Plex, Deniz Kurtel)

Damian’s new release, “We Will Return”, on his own Crosstown Rebels Label is just everything you’d think of when it comes to highlighting that particular sound that emulates the experience of a renowned and respected DJ: groove, simplicity, and soul (baby). This EP was released on November 12th 2015 and is available on most major websites (links posted below). It contains a number of fine remixes by Infinity Ink, Serge Devant, and a dub remix from Joeski. To add just a hint of subjectivity to an objective article I must note: all remixes ARE REALLY GOOD. Quite usually when listening to albums, there tends to be one or two tracks not to favored (not with this release though). You get a little taste of everything with this release. Flavors of all sorts, and they go down just right. An album for those special times at night.

Download Album: Beatport | Juno | Decks | Phonica