Joel Mull Delivers the Second Release on PARABEL

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When talent and passion combine, the result is extraordinary. Joel Mull has demonstrated this throughout his career appearing on esteemed techno labels and making frequent appearances at some of the most renowned events from the Klubnachts at Berghain to the marathons at Space, and even the occasional warehouse rave. Continuing his exposition of techno craftsmanship can be found in his recent Halogen EP on the freshly founded Swedish label, Parabel. Joel Mull’s vinyl-only release on Parabel is a sonically pleasing EP, and in true techno fashion, will certainly satisfy the dance floors for many nights to come.

The A-side of the release is dedicated to the title track, Halogen. A brooding atmosphere is complimented by a tense high hat arrangement, with epic pads and strings providing a serious sense of euphoria before giving way to the welcomed techno arrangement. Joel Mull follows up on the B-side with two equally alluring tracks. As far as techno goes, Joel Mull has a natural ability to convey deep emotions through these sounds, textures, and arrangements. Close the Curtains is a fine piece of work that covers these bases, and leaves the listener with a complete and contemplative feeling. Gefärlich is the closing track on the Parabel release, and if the translation is any bit correct, it really is dangerous (thanks again, Google Translate). Yet again, the feeling is one of tension, but with more of an “ebb-and-flow” type atmosphere. With several elements at work, each gives and takes in a way that provides the proverbial journey for the audience and listener.

To get a feel for the release, have a listen to the previews below. Halogen EP is available now on vinyl through Juno Records and

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Best of: DJ Couples


When it comes to the life of entertainers in general, not just DJ’s, a good amount of the public perspective may think that these people (with their fame and recognition) indulge at the opportunity to sleep with who ever they want. When looking at the life of superstar DJ’s in particular, the assumption of that lifestyle is even greater being that as a DJ you are constantly in clubs surrounded by beautiful, confidently intoxicated people.  Read more

Bucharest’s 100 Hour Interval Festival Has Been Partially Cancelled After Losing Main Venue

11988185_441707802683979_456174632511082867_nThe 100 hour festival that spans a course of five days is currently underway in Bucharest. The organization announced a few days ago via their Facebook that it has lost one of its main venues, Club Guesthouse, due to legal concerns with safety and regulations exacerbated by the October fire at Colectiv club that killed more than thirty people. Read more

Q&A: Falling For Deep House with Teenage Mutants

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While his name conjures fond memories of childhood heroes, Teenage Mutants is jet set for the high life in the upcoming year following his recent release titled Fall For You on the Ultra Music/Sony label. The German DJ and producer who hails from Mainz has made the rounds within the deep house scene over the recent years, pushing out releases on independent labels such as Suara, Stil vor Talent, Light my Fire, Kittball, Katermukke and Nervous. Read more

XLR8R Brings Blond:ish, Deadbeat, Rob Garza, and More to Tulum, Mexico

Tulum Mexico

Aside from being a breath-taking part of the world, Tulum, Mexico is becoming a premiere location for quality electronic events. Often utilized by various labels and promoters during BPM week, Tulum is now seeing some pre-BPM events come to the foreground for the early part of 2016. Read more

Q&A: In The Loop with Lupe Fuentes

Lupe Fuentes Featured

Through rising support from industry heavyweights, and through her imprint In The Loop, Lupe Fuentes is making her mark on the dance community. In The Loop is currently building it’s early discography with releases from Lupe herself, as well as releases from Francis Kasibante, Jack Cousteau, and Skywalker. As the year comes to a close, Lupe Fuentes gears up for another release coming in the form of the tech house roller that is 1,000 Watts. Complete with feelings of dance floor elation, the track employs a unique vocal sample that plays off the crisp percussion that is designed exactly for the dance floor.

In light of her new release, we recently caught up with Lupe Fuentes to discuss a few things such as the label’s journey and her recent set at the Mixmag Lab LA. Read the full Q&A below, and be on the lookout for 1,000 Watts when it becomes available December 4th.  Read more

Hauswerks Drops ‘The Sound Scientist’ on Resonance Records

Hauswerks press

Hauswerks returns to Resonance Records with a phenomenal 4-track EP, and we’re especially impressed with this one. One of UK’s most versatile electronic artists, Hauswerks has rocked studios and dance floors around the world. The Sound Scientist includes three dance floor-ready tracks and a remix by Detlef (VIVa Warriors). Although he has released records on a number of labels, such as VIVa Limited, Secret Life, and Moda Black, Hauswerks has time and again turned to the Resonance crew to handle his releases. The EP comes right off the back with a Doorly collaboration on Hot Creation, which topped the charts for weeks.

The first track, The Sound Scientist, features a deep rolling bassline perfect for the warehouse, basement, or after-hours terrace, and out of the four tracks on the EP, this one comes closest to that classic Hauswerks signature sound that we’ve all grown to love. However, the style remains consistent throughout, with Groove Love delivering a deep groove that fits right in the pocket of the track, sitting right underneath lush, soulful synthesizers. Everyone is a bubbly jam with hard-punching rhythms, sure to get your feet (and your asses) moving. Finally, Detlef’s remix of The Sound Scientist goes in a much darker direction, evoking sounds and rhythms of generations past, and it is very easy to hear the influence of Detroit, Chicago, London, and NYC.

“The Sound Scientist” will be available 30th November 2015 via Resonance Records

Hauswerks: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Resident AdvisorBeatport

Resonance Records: Official Site | Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Beatport

Pacha NYC Is Closing Its Doors For Good in January

pachaIn an official statement issued today, New York’s renowned Pacha Club will be closing its doors in January 2016 following a triple series of parties leading up to its grand conclusion.

In honor of being at the forefront of dance music for the last ten years in New York City, Pacha will be hosting a ten year anniversary celebration known as the Decade of Dance featuring a centerpiece show on December 12 by Pacha’s founding resident DJ Erick Morillo. The New Year’s party will be a 72-hour classics marathon with West 46th Street veteran Jonathan Peters. The closing parties will take place through the month of January and are to be announced in the coming month. Read more

Warped into the Techno Dimension at Time Warp US 2015


Brooklyn was a site to behold this past weekend, for it was the location of a tunnel into a peculiar dimension riddled with all things techno and the subtleties folded in between the tapestry of electronic music. My weekend excursion to New York for the second edition of Time Warp US was nothing short of eye-opening mind stimulation amongst the finest techno one’s ears could possibly commend on American soil. Read more

Vote For Your Favorite DJs: RA Top 100 Poll Now Open

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It’s finally that time of year once again. As 2015 comes to a close, Resident Advisor (RA) has opened up their Top 100 poll; we highly encourage you to cast your votes to support your favorite artists and help them earn the recognition they deserve. This year, you can vote in one of two ways – either log into the RA Guide (their new iOS app), or log into their website, which has also recently been renovated. Voting is restricted to RA members who createed their accounts before the polls opened, and you may only cast a vote for artists that performed at parties in your RA diary this year. Check out your calendar if you need to jog your memory.

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