‘Infinity’ Artist Guru Josh Dies At Age 51


Although some dance music fans may not recognize the name Guru Josh, you’ve almost undoubtedly heard ‘Infinity,’ the smooth, hands up anthem that has remained all but ubiquitous ever since its 1990 release. The saxophone melody, one of the most iconic and memorable of dance music’s 30-year history, will surely ring a bell (no pun intended). In fact, Guru Josh was one of the first dance artists to feature saxophone, decades before “sax house” developed, an offshoot of Tropical House, Nu-Disco and a massive Deep House revival. Read more

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Rhondapolis NYE Event Cancelled

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‘Tis a sad day for partygoers, especially in Los Angeles. It brings us no great pleasure to announce that A Club Called Rhonda, the anthropomorphized party series hosted by Rhonda INTL, has had to cancel its legendary New Year’s Eve event known as Rhondapolis. Less than a week before the event, Rhonda released a statement, explaining that the venue (Standard Hotel, Downtown LA) insisted on the cancellation, citing “operational issues,” a vague term also used in a statement from The Standard. It’s unclear exactly what is meant by these issues, but noteworthy that the hotel has fallen under immense media scrutiny following a late-night shooting, which allegedly followed a confrontation at an event, resulting in one death and several injuries.

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Rhondapolis, a massive, four-stage takeover of the whole hotel on New Years Eve, was set to feature some of dance music’s greatest legends, including Jackmaster, DJ Harvey, and xxxy. According to organizers, “guests who have already purchased tickets… will be receiving a refund automatically, and guests with room reservations will be contacted by The Standard.”


Deadmau5 Facing Biggest Battle Yet: His Own Depression


Joel Zimmerman, better known as Deadmau5, shocked the world last week by unexpectedly deactivating his Facebook and Twitter pages. Best known for creating one of the most recognizable brands in electronic music, the Canadian DJ electronic music producer has had interesting social media feeds to say the least. Time and again he has taken to the internet, tactlessly expressing his critique of not only individual artists but the music industry as a whole. In fact, he’s been known to delete posts that have been exceptionally controversial. Having taken jabs at artists from every generation; he has called out popstars, including Madonna and Justin Bieber, fellow EDM artists such as Krewella, Tiesto, Porter Robinson, Armin van Buuren and Steve Angello, and even underground legends Ricardo Villalobos. Even indie rock bands are not exempt, as Arcade Fire has also fallen victim to his ruthless Twitter attacks (although some might argue that they threw the first punch).


He has been criticized by a number of voices in the industry, and rightfully so; he seems to be poking the metaphorical dragon right in the eye. While he (sometimes) makes good points, he generally sandwiches these points by vicious ad hominum attacks. All this aside, Deadmau5 has opened up and earlier this week he let his fans and foes alike in on a very personal issue that affects far too many of us: depression.


We don’t want to make any assumptions because we will never know his personal battles and whether you are prepared to forgive his impulsivity or not, it’s important to take this as a learning experience. In dance music circles, as well as in society at large, mental illness has been stigmatized ad nauseum, offered as an explanation for heinous violent crimes, yet highly misunderstood by the general public. In fact, one of the greatest hindrances of mental illness is the loneliness, as many are afraid to open up. DJs are especially susceptible to these problems, which are exacerbated by excessive touring and the “fast life” that so many DJs live. Zimmerman is not the first electronic music artist to open up about mental illness, but he may very be the biggest artist to do so, and his message will undoubtedly resonate with his millions of fans around the world. Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt, and see if his addressing these problems will allow him to tone down his frequent rants. Recently, a number of artists, most notably Benga (who, by the way, is back in action after a brief hiatus) have decided t0 come out of the woodworks and open up to the world about their illnesses, which occur far more often than anyone might imagine, and sometimes for the people you’d least expect.


According to The Guardian (June 2015), a comprehensive study found that among musicians, 60% have, at one point, suffered from “depression r other psychological issues.” Here’s the kicker: out of these musicians, 71% attribute the problems to touring in one way or another. Looking at this data, we can see that touring can enormous consequences, and we strongly urge DJs and other artists to do their best to maintain a sustainable lifestyle, one that includes using balanced meals and plenty of rest for feul, rather than cigarettes and red bull. Well… you can indulge a bit, but don’t go full-on Avicii. Let’s all keep in mind that it’s a marathon, not a sprint, especially if you plan on establishing a thriving DJ career that will outlive your youthful tenacity and resilience. Remember, we’re all only human!

Read the full message below:




6AM Exclusive Premiere: Anthony Attalla – “F1/Why Do You” out on Yoshitoshi

Anthony Attalla

To say that Anthony Attalla has had a meteoric rise in the last couple of years would be a big understatement. The Detroit native and Chicago resident has come up through the ranks thanks to strong releases on his own Incorrect Music label, Sharam’s Yoshitoshi and other world-renowned imprints such as Suara and Toolroom. Coupled with the ever-popular Incorrect Label showcases including the famous Groove Cruise Incorrect Afterhours, Attalla has created a massive cult following in the States and beyond.

Following past strong releases on the Yoshitoshi label including “Stranger” and “Fever,” Attalla returns exclusively through 6AM Group with two dance floor-ready heavy hitters right in time for the New Year.

“F1” immediately strikes as a must-have in any house DJ’s arsenal. Its bass-heavy staccato and bumpy groove is not only hypnotic but serves both as the fitting track amidst other dance-friendly records and to raise things to the next level in any set.

Conversely, “Why Do You” is muddier in all the right ways. Leaning towards techno, the track is armed with frenzied percussions and infectious bass. Its cloudy and enigmatic vocals give a sense of respite from the heavier techno, making this a track that fits a wide range of sounds.

This release arrives in perfect time for the New Year, and right in the middle of Attalla’s tour in Thailand. If you’re in the LA area, make sure to catch him in action at Exchange with Suara boss Coyu on the 2nd of January as he returned for a series of US dates for Winter 2016!

You can hear the full EP below, and buy the tracks on Beatport!

Connect with Anthony Attalla on Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud | Resident Advisor 

The Beatles Music Catalog is Finally Available on Spotify


The Beatles, a band that needs no introduction, has been holding off on the streaming game for quite some time, prompting many to ask if they will ever have the chance to stream classics such as Abbey Road and Let It Be. We are pleased to announce that they have finally come around, and will be uploading their entire catalog to all major digital streaming services.  Just in time for Christmas Eve, The Beatles will make their entire catalog available on December 24 via streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, Tidal, and Amazon Prime Music. Read more

10 Artists You Shouldn’t Miss at BPM 2016


Raise your hand if you needed a magnifying glass to read the entire BPM Festival 2016 line-up! You surely weren’t alone, and not because of font-error but rather due to the vast and comprehensive selection of artists the Mexican festival is bringing to Playa del Carmen this coming January. Read more

Best Events of BPM 2016


Going to The BPM Festival essentially means suffering from constant FOMO and having to deal with schedule conflicts that are sure to test your patience and decision-making. With that said, we compiled a list of our best BPM parties for 2016 in the hope to steer you towards some solid choices. At the end of the day you must remember that it doesn’t matter what you choose, the music is undoubtedly top notch. Read more

Q&A: Cats and Techno with Carlo Lio

Carlo Lio_Cat_santa_hat

Cats and techno; you don’t need much more than that in the grand scheme of life…just ask Carlo Lio. As an avid cat lover, it’s only fitting that his last release of the year falls on dance music’s favorite feline label, Suara. Read more

The BPM Festival Announces Phase 2 Line-up

bpm-fest-2016-phase-2As if The BPM Festival wasn’t already massive enough, they just announced the Phase 2 artist lineup, with 247 artists added, plus new showcases and venues for its 2016 edition taking place January 8-17, 2016 in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Read more

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Kygo: A Billion Spotify Streams In Record Time

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Norwegian producer Kygo, and pioneer of the so-called “tropical house” movement, has hit a new milestone, becoming the fastest artist to hit a billion plays on Spotify. On December 1, the music streaming company announced Kygo as their “Breakout Artist of 2015.” He reached this number a mere 12 months after releasing Firestone, his debut single that was exclusive to Spotify for the first day. For reference, pop artists like Sam Smith and Ariana Grande generally don’t hit a billion plays until at least two years. Currently ranked 20th  in overall streams, Kygo has approximately 14 million listeners per month, and 8 million (appx. 60% – way higher than most similar artists) of these are categorized as ‘fans,’ meaning that they save his music or play his music multiple times. Read more