Battle of the Clones: Behringer Announces Their Take On The ARP Odyssey Synth

behringer ARPLast week, Behringer teased on their Facebook page that they will be releasing an authentic ARP Odyssey synthesizer, the synthesizer that helped define ’80s electronic pop, but with a unique 3-mode VCF circuitry (that replicates all MK I to III versions) plus full Midi/USB implementation, priced around $500 USD.

However, just last February, Korg announced that it was going to recreate the same synthesizer by releasing its own “Korg ARP Odyssey”. Korg also revealed that ARP co-founder David Friend was joining Korg as their chief advisor on the new Odyssey. “David Friend established ARP Instruments, Inc. along with Alan Robert Pearlman and is a past president of ARP Instruments, Inc. He was also the lead designer of the original Odyssey in addition to designing or co-designing many other products”, Korg’s press release explained.










The original ARP Odyssey was released in 1972 and came to define a certain crossover style incorporating electronic pop, jazz and progressive rock. It was favored by artists such as Jethro Tull, Nine Inch Nails, Pink Floyd and more recently, Todd Terje. ARP ceased production of the Odyssey in 1981.

Field Trip Series: CRSSD Festival, San Diego

10410718_988254881191563_2555290790124629096_nWhen travelers and partygoers think of the west coast of the United States, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and San Francisco are the destinations that come to mind. However, California’s southern-most metropolis is home to a vibrant music scene, especially in the warmer months of the year. San Diego’s beautiful coastline and equally beautiful people make it the perfect place to hold a party by the ocean. That is why FNGRS CRSSD and Goldenvoice (think Coachella) are making it happen at Waterfront Park on March 14-15. Read more

Techno Therapy: Fur Coat Free Download


Techno Therapy this week comes just in time to celebrate the New Year. Today we bring you an excellent track from the duo, Fur Coat, which they have also so kindly put up for free download on their Soundcloud. A nice little post holiday present right before their NYE show in LA for Minimal Effort’s Black & White extravaganza.

Polyphonic, as the name suggests, is loaded with that warm grit that can be attributed to many polyphonic synths throughout history. The filters ring out when they’re opened up, and Fur Coat utilizes the iconic sound to fatten up the track with many layers making this an intense dance floor tool. Fur Coat is an excellent compliment to the other artists on the lineup, so expect them to lay down some great tracks while they keep the energy going.

If you’re still looking for New Years Eve plans, Minimal Effort still has Tier 4 tickets and Open Bar VIP tickets remaining. Keep in mind it is a ticket only event, but you can go to the link below for more info.

Ticket Info – Minimal Effort: A Black & White New Year’s Eve

Fur Coat on Facebook | Soundcloud | Resident Advisor

Guy J – December Around the World

GuyJ body

When someone refers to “progressive” in regards to dance music, it often has a negative connotation towards more mainstream and festival “EDM”. But when we say progressive, we think of the beautiful and eclectic sounds from artists like Guy J, Hernan Cattenao, and Nick Warren. In his recent December Around the World mix, Guy J puts on the best showcase to the sounds of the progressive genre.

Lush pads and vibrant basslines start the mix off on a high note as the mix takes emotional turns through the various aspects of progressive house and techno. December Around the World stays true to it’s melodic and swaying elements, and it isn’t until the last 15 minutes that Guy J turns it up a notch with some jackin hats and driving basslines. If you have any friends with misconceptions about progressive house, this would be the ideal mix to convince them otherwise. Enjoy the final few days of 2014 as well as this phenomenal mix from Guy J.

Guy J on Facebook | Soundcloud | Resident Advisor


Mike Huckaby – Free Sample Pack

WH-MIKE-HUCKABY-press-shot-2Techno legend and vintage synthesizer enthusiast Mike Huckaby has, time and again, defined and redefined the techno sound. From the earliest days of his career, he has sculpted, shaped, and pushed the boundaries of underground dance music. While many artists have switched to a predominantly software-based workflow and abandoned much of their “outdated” gear, Huckaby maintains a fully stocked arsenal of analog, digital, and hybrid synthesizers guaranteed to wow even the most seasoned gear heads. Luckily, Huckaby has graciously decided to share his sounds, releasing an exclusive sample pack through – the pack contains 16 phenomenal wav samples, each with full descriptions of the instruments and synthesizers used to create them. We’re beyond thrilled to have gotten our hands on these amazing synth samples and we hope you will be too!


Click here to read more and to download the samples, courtesy of

Freebie Friday: DAVI Remixes

Davi Live SF

With a string of deep melodic releases on Crosstown Rebels, Rebellion, and Ajunadeep, LA based DAVI is building quite the résumé in the city of angels. He’s played alongside some of the best in the industry from the likes of Dubfire, Hernan Cattenao, and John Digweed; with a style that creates a perfect atmosphere regardless of the setting. Over the past few years he has honed his skills both in the studio and behind the decks, and his dedication really shines through with his music. He’ll be playing at Sound Nightclub tonight alongside Behrouz and Tara Brooks, and here’s three free downloads from DAVI to set the mood for the evening. DAVI has offered up some free downloads on his Soundcloud, and you can listen and download the three tracks below. Read more

Throwback Thursday: Claude Von Stroke

There comes a time in every successful artist’s life where they needed to risk it all and sacrifice everything they’ve got to make their goals and dream a reality. With the success Claude VonStroke and his Dirtybird label have witnessed in recent years it’s hard to imagine he ever had a struggle. Today’s Throwback Thursday is dedicated to our beloved Big Bird, the single ‘Who’s Afraid of Detroit’ from his debut album, Beware of the Bird, truly laid the foundation for his current glory and the label’s overall music direction. It was told that the debut Dirtybird album was a one-time shot for him to make something out of nothing, an opportunity that his wife gave him nearly 10 years ago to reach his dreams. The story is humbling to say the least and this original cut from his debut album is as futuristic as ever; a nice drum bounce that defines what Dirtybird beats are all about coupled with a dubby layer and a infectious hook and trippy synths that will sure get any dancefloor in the groove. If you’re in LA this Saturday, Claude VonStroke will be joining up with Green Velvet to debut their new b2b alias, Get Real. Tickets and Discounted guestlist can be found on our website.

Pre sale tickets and RSVP available: Claude Von Stroke and Green Velvet (AKA: Get Real) at Exchange LA

Beatport Streaming to be Introduced in 2015


Beatport has recently announced their dynamic new plan to introduce free streaming on the site in 2015. For the past ten years Beatport has been the primary online retailer targeting an international community of DJ’s, and this introduction of free streaming aims to capture a vast market of enthusiastic fans. This is an exciting development in the dance industry for fans and artist alike; so let’s dive in and see how the new Beatport streaming will affect the community.

Let’s not ignore the obvious. Online streaming has the ability to increase an artist’s audience exponentially, which has many beneficial results. As we know, DJ’s primarily use Beatport in search for new music, leaving the common fan daunted by prices of $2.49 per song. With the introduction of Beatport streaming fans may be more inclined to listen to the music outside of the club environment, opening new avenues of enjoyment for the audiences. Additionally, this might alter buying habits of people after listening to songs that they’ve come to enjoy so much. But regardless of buying habits the major affect here would be royalties to the artists

Executive Creative Director for Beatport, Clark Warner, stated in an interview with Billboard that, “One of our [their] core values is that artists should be paid”, and continued to declare that Beatport has paid approximately $170 Million in royalties throughout the past ten years. (Source: Billboard) The first part of his statement almost makes me cringe, but I know he only meant well. Of course artists should be paid for their work. That is a significant amount of money being generated mostly from purchases from DJ’s around the world, and with streaming, artists will hopefully start to see even more money for their hard work.

The thing with royalties is that the percentage the artist gets is generally pretty low. With new tunes and hit tracks on the market every week it could be hard for artists, and specific songs, to gain traction getting to the point of high income from plays. Even with individual tracks being sold at relatively high prices, it would still require a significant amount of sales and streams for an artist to receive a noteworthy amount of money. That being said, this all depends on the specific royalty agreement percentage in respective artist contracts. Higher royalty recoup percentage in conjunction with heavy sales and streams leaves a pretty solid foundation for generating income for the artist. The article on Billboard stated that Beatport aims to attract all of its users along with the millions of other users from SFX’s additional companies, which could result in some serious streaming plays for electronic artists.

Beatport PRoIt’s important to note that we don’t know for sure how the stream service will work. Will the users be able to hand pick their music selections? Or like Pandora will they just select an artist and the music is presented in radio format. This is an important distinction to make when discussing royalties and artist popularity. Another thing to consider is the fact that Billboard has recently accounted for streaming in their Top 200. The past few weeks have seen many mainstream artists jump about 500% in the charts due to streams in the hundred’s of thousands, and some breaking into the millions. This resurgence in the charts due to streaming has started to have a major impact on how we analyze what is truly the most popular. Will Beatport follow suit and account for streams in their Top 100? If a large audience is listening and streaming music then why not account for streams in the Top 100? A result of that on Beatport would suggest a shift from sales charts, which it is currently, to one of popularity as a whole.

For those concerned, Beatport will still remain a leading retail outlet for the DJ community acting under Beatport Pro; which some may have experienced in it’s current beta phase.

In the end, it’s about time Beatport introduced streaming. As of now it is still slightly behind the curve of major streaming providers such as Pandora and Spotify, but now with their soon to be stream site in the arena, the company can see how to maximize it’s potential with the audience, advertisers, and most importantly, the artist. The official launch date has not been announced, but stay updated and be on the lookout for some developments early in the New Year.

Techno Therapy: Minilogue Studio Jam

Today we’re doing things a little differently for Techno Therapy. Breaking away from our usual tradition of featuring an excellent finished techno track, today we present a 23 minute jam session with Swedish duo Minilogue.

Minilogue is notorious for releasing very long tracks. Now this isn’t a bad thing at all. Throughout the journey , the tracks continue to evolve and grow into something so much more than functional dance floor tools. Many of their tracks range from 13 to 20 minutes; so rather than featuring one specific track, it seemed more appropriate to showcase their workflow. The Swedish duo has an arsenal of gear at their disposal in the studio, and they compliment each other perfectly when behind the controls. After seeing this jam session, it makes complete sense how they can construct beautiful techno that takes the listener on a journey through sound. This is some serious Techno Therapy for all the audiophiles out there.

Minilogue on Facebook | Resident Advisor

Field Trip Series: DJ Sneak at Origami, Tokyo

Origami Japan

Japan experienced a phenomenal year in regards to dance music. For starters, Japan’s cabinet removed the “anti-dancing” law providing a major boost for the nightlife environment in the country. But even prior to the ban being lifted, that didn’t stop Japanese clubs from hosting world-class talent such as Loco Dice, Delano Smith, and an arsenal of their own residents. This week is no different, with Origami Nightclub hosting the Original House Gangster, DJ Sneak.

DJ Sneak will be making his debut at Origami this Sunday December 28th, and like always he’ll be bringing his world-renowned house grooves. It’s a good thing that the law was lifted, because I anticipate that the dance floor won’t stop moving during his set. Sneak will also have support from local artists Iori Wakasa (Deep Tech Records, eMBI Music), You Forgot, and U-T before the madness of his set ensues.

Origami may not be the biggest club, but nonetheless it is still a hot spot in Tokyo amongst the likes of Air and superclub Womb. An intimate setting that provides quality bookings that help progress a scene with much room to grow. Some quality house music sounds like a perfect way to prepare for the new year in the amazing city of Tokyo. This one comes highly recommended to anyone that finds themself in the Eastern part of the world.

DJ Sneak on Facebook | Soundcloud | Resident Advisor