14 Tracks to Make You Fall in Love…with House & Techno

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Author : Daisy Magana
February 15, 2022

14 Tracks to Make You Fall in Love…with House & Techno

It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day to celebrate love. Love is everywhere and all around. It comes in many forms, and, in fact, sharing music, especially house and techno music, is one way to show love. Have you ever found yourself stumbling upon a banger or massive chune, and you’re just so excited to share the goodness? That’s love right there. Music is the gift that keeps on giving, and an intimate gesture in and of itself. Dance music is a portal to boundless melody, harmony, and rhythm. Here are 14 tracks to make you fall in love with house and techno.

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1. Angelo Ferreri “Oh Honey”

What’s sweeter than honey? Tough to say, but Angelo Ferreri breathed new life into Delegation’s R&B 1977 track. A master of house music, he gives a joyous, delicious little ride full of soul, funk, and disco.

2. Adam Beyer, Green Velvet, & Layton Giordan “Space Date”

A track that says “Treat me like your fantasy”? Say less, do more.

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3. Charlotte de Witte “Heart of Mine”

Even though this track packs a punch full of bass it doesn’t compromise its light, soft vibes.

4. Juliet Fox “Was Beautiful”

The Fox delivers exquisite vocals and storytelling in “Was Beautiful.” Do you remember your first time?

5. Darc Marc “Dirty Rocking Bass”

This track’s title says it all. Turn up the dial.

6. David Temessi “The Seventh”

Deep, dirty, and dark. Imagine hearing this one in a gritty warehouse.

7. Pryda “Stay with Me”

Hypnotic to its core. The track will transport you to another world.

8. Randomer “Bring”

Hard and driving, the track carries a surprisingly aggressive sound arranged in a delicate way.

9. Rebekah “Code Black”

Looking for some dark techno? Ask and thou shall receive.

10. Petter B “Roots Pt.2”

Massive beat with a phat bassline.

11. Malfie “Loving You”

This track’s energy is simply infectious. Chef’s kiss.

12. Motorcycle “As the Rush Comes” (Gabriel & Dresden Chill Mix)

Love can make you feel as if you’re traveling through time and space, and so does this classic.

13. Honey Dijon & Tim K featuring Nomi Ruiz “Why”

Sure, the original song is about heartbreak (Carly Simon’s 1982 single from the soundtrack for Soup for One) but it doesn’t stop it from being a juicy bop thanks to Dijon’s magic.

14. deadmau5 “Alone with You”

Imagine driving into a sunset with this as your soundtrack. Pure ecstasy.