12 People Suffer Chemical Burns in London Nightclub Acid Attack

Chemical burns
Author : 6AM
April 19, 2017

12 People Suffer Chemical Burns in London Nightclub Acid Attack

On April 17th, 2017 shocking news about an acid chemical burn attack at nightclub Mangle E8 (Wringer & Mangle) began making the world rounds. The nightclub is an ex-industrial laundry basement now converted into a multi-use events space in London Fields, home to a 720 capacity basement event space, a canteen/bar on the ground floor and numerous music and arts workspaces. Mangle is advertised to be a new venue for music enthusiasts who want to party in the heart of London.

The Sun reports that the venue had been hosting the Lovejuice Warehouse Party, a nine-hour house music night when the attack broke out injuring 12 and requiring 400 partygoers to be evacuated into the street. The Police Department, London Fire Brigade and London Ambulance Service arrived at around 01:10 BST. A tenant that lives in a space overlooking the club explained the confusing scene: “It happened so fast – they rushed people out. I thought it was a stabbing because all I heard was ‘move, move, move – move out of the area’. The security was telling the crowd to go down that way – people on this side were waiting to go home but they couldn’t go home because the road was closed. People were confused.”

Witness Statements

People were evacuated from the Sidworth Street, Hackney nightclub after “unknown corrosive substance” was thrown across the room. It is said that the incident was sparked by a fight between two groups of partygoers. A witness, reports BBC, says that said she did not see an argument or fight in the club. However, she states that “in the space of two minutes people went from dancing to the acid being thrown. I was standing by the bar and then I got hit by something that at first felt like water but then my arms started blistering”.

Further details from BBC say that the injured count has risen to 16 people at this time. The worst injuries were concerning “two black guys, but their faces were turned white because of the acid”. It was these two male clubbers who were sprayed with the corrosive substance in the face that were heard saying “they couldn’t see”.

Chemical Burns

Another witness has stated that the chemical burns cause a “red circle” on the skin along with a “strong, stinging pain”. She mentioned that partygoers suddenly began shouting “go, go, go” and “let’s move, let’s move” after people began feeling the effects of the chemical burns. The Times discloses a more detailed witness account: “In the party in the basement, there were girls making noise, I saw their friends ordering a bottle of water – they were putting it on them, they were splashing it on their faces. It was like a war – the police were everywhere.”

The Times shares accounts from another witness who claims that the suspected acid appeared to have been thrown over the face and arm of a woman. Nima Navazande, 30, who works at a nearby bar, said: “My manager told me that around one o’clock they heard somebody saying that someone was attacked with liquid acid and there was a girl who had half her arm and her face burnt.

Among the victims of chemical burns were model-sisters Prue and Isobella Fraser. Isobella was visiting sister Prue and were out clubbing with friends. Prue stated: “I saw two men walk in and you could tell they were looking for trouble. The attack seemed very targeted. She added “Getting up I could feel my arm was burning. It was like boiling water had been poured over me but like I was cut as well. I have never experienced anything like it, it was excruciating.

Isobella added: “I was freaking out. I couldn’t breathe, I was coughing. I just got this thing on my arm and I realized it was some sort of acid. I have third-degree burns on my arms and on my back, and my shirt that I was wearing actually stuck to my skin.” The sisters have expressed their intent to go home to Australia and recover from the incident with their family.

Investigation Ongoing

The London Fire Brigade came out with a statement following the attack: “The only information that we have is that it was an unknown corrosive substance thrown within the nightclub. It was identified by a PH paper test as a strong acidic substance.” Police said there was no indication the attack was gang-related and there have been no arrests. There is an ongoing manhunt for the culprits who fled according to news report. No arrests have been made as of this time but authorities are still actively investigating the incident. See below some tweets from the victims or witnesses regarding the incident.

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