10 Tracks for You and Your Rave Partner

rave partner
Author : Chelsi Sherrell
September 30, 2022

10 Tracks for You and Your Rave Partner

Nothing’s better than finding the perfect track/playlist that understands your mood and feelings to a T. With the spooky and cozy season just around the corner, we wanted to curate a list of the best sought-out after tracks that you and your rave partner can let loose too.

But a rave partner doesn’t have to be titled as someone you’re being intimate with, consider these 10 tracks your all-year, every day, and every hour jam with anyone you love as a confidant, friend, and of course, as a significant other. And if these tracks aren’t enough, check out our monthly updated H+T Fresh Finds playlist on Spotify — a playlist that also features music from some of the best emerging artists from around the world.

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Listen: Cloone, Wade “Mi Amor” – CLNE

Mi Amor? You know a song is going to be perfect for you and your other half when it’s titled “my love”. With Latin influences, this track hits the mark for those days when you’re cruising Long beach on a hot-breezy road on Friday, pre-gaming for the samba club on Saturday, or dancing in sweats while cleaning the house on a Sunday evening. Either way, this groovy-house track will bring out you and your other half’s carefree side that has been waiting to be unleashed.

Listen: Solomun “Love Recycled 1” – 2DIY4

With this song, it’s time to whip out the wine, Doordash in, and press the play button on Netflix (or any other streaming service for that matter). From the groove, vocals, drums, and bass, you and your rave partner will honestly forget that you’re in 2022, but instead in a time period where it felt as though love and disco were (and still are) the perfect soulmates. Encapsulating the true meaning of house music, Solomun’s “Love Recycled 1” will definitely bring comfort, joy, and love to your house (or apartment/condo!) where you and your partner will never want to leave.


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Listen: Kevin Saunderson, Patrick Topping “Frisk” – Armada Music

Ok yes, by definition “frisking” can mean intimacy – but beyond that, this track will no doubt get your inner villain revved up with “don’t f*** with me” energy. And what better way to feel like it’s you against the world than with your rave partner? Honestly, if you and your other half are ready to serve up main character vibes while entering a rave, then this track by our two iconic DJs will give you the ultimate main character boost you both need and want.

Inner City “Big Fun” – Virgin Records

Ok, it can’t be a “find your rave partner…etc.” article without something incorporated from the 90s. The 80-90s will always have that “je ne sais quoi” when it comes to love, dancing, and of course, techno and house music. Because this 90s Detroit Group was founded by none other than the iconic Kevin Saunderson, this track is the ultimate banger for wanting to reminiscence special memories with your rave partner and just have moments of simplicity and bliss — hence, “big fun”

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Listen: Roast Pang “My Darling” – Final Haus

Love and pain can be a complicated beauty when they intertwine – and admittedly, we’ve all been there. Roast Pang comes through with “My Darling”, the anthem that truly emulates those moments of spice, fun, and sometimes tragedy – because hey, love does have its highs and lows, and that’s the ironic beauty of it.

If you’re trying to say your apologies to that special person you’ve hurt, there’s no harm with bringing our the Bluetooth speakers, all the while lip-syncing Pang’s “But I promise, I will never hurt you again” vocals. Plus, you honestly can’t go wrong with a good ol’ 80s John Cusack moment (and we’re sure your partner will appreciate it).

Listen: Al Sharif, Stevie Krash “Feeling” – Groove Basement

House-y, bouncy, and relatively groovy. Al Sharif and Stevie Krash’s “Feeling” will give that instant pick-me-up that you and your rave partner need when the clubs are closed and you both aren’t ready to hit the sack just yet. Consider this track perfect for any afterparty. And while you and your rave partner are at it getting slushies at the gas station and strutting the sidewalks at midnight, you might as well have this song blasting from your phone with those groovy feelings turned up infinitely.

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Jamie Jones “My Paradise” – Defected Records

It wouldn’t be a love playlist without the Paradise king himself, Jamie Jones — the mastermind behind the Paradise event series. this track will definitely push you and your rave partner to soak up the sun on a palm-tree-filled beach with a round of margaritas (utter paradise indeed). And with the vocals, piano, and trumpet playing throughout, it’s hard not wanting to get up and dance without a care in the world — so, you and your partner might as well get your dancing shoes on and start the vibe sesh like this.

TRNQUL “Work for Me” – Soave Dusk

“Work for me, dance for me, rule for me, shake for me” — I mean, this track is dripped in sultry energy. And, if you need a longer version, the extended mix is just as hot. No doubt, this song will amp you and your rave partners’ summer outings, and who knows, just from listening to the heavy synthesizers throughout, it might push you two to break the bank and get some leather attire to hit up the local warehouse club.

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Alan Fitzpatrick “Up all Night – Don’t Go” – Drumcode

With a track like this from Alan Fitzpatrick, it’s not meant to be enjoyed alone. With a magnetizing aura, this track could give you that hypnotizing mystique to draw just the right one in – and after that? Well, that’s up to you and your partner to decide, but one thing is certain, whoever feels the pull to dance towards you with this rhythm could possibly be your missing piece. Because that’s what techno is all about — it doesn’t speak through words, but through rhythm and unspeakable vibes, and if you and a stranger feel comfortable dancing together to a track like this, then that’s all that matters.

Maya Jane Coles “Need” – I/AM/ME

Maya didn’t miss the mark on this one, because truly, after listening to this track once, there will be a need to hit the play button again and again. What’s uniquely versatile about this track is that although it’s melodically dance-worthy, it still has a chill ambiance to it that you and your partner could either gently sway from side to side or play the track on a long car ride home while looking at the city lights distancing away in the rearview window.